Monday, 2 June 2014

Wales , Cwmcrwth Farm Holiday Review ...... where dreams really do come true

We always holiday abroad but as my daughter really does not want to fly we decided to give the UK a go, on searching various websites we came across Cwmcrwth farm Cottages, the farm has 3 cottages to choose from so it will never be overcrowded, it looked really good but do you actually get what you pay for ? is the holiday going to be as good as the websites make them look ? Well this one did my children actually said this holiday was better than Florida and the many other exotic places we have been to (wish I had know this before spending a fortune over the years).

We arrived on Saturday and we had booked a 7 night stay on arrival The Coach house was everything we wanted and more, it was spacious, clean, tidy and very well equipped they had even put some milk, teabags and coffee there for our arrival which was really good after a long drive, there were 3 adults and 3 older children in our party and we had more than ample space, I hate it when you arrive on holiday and there is no where to unpack but we had none of these problems lots of storage space in all bedrooms, the coach house has 3 bedrooms 1 bunk room, 1 twin and one double with en suite downstairs is a open plan kitchen diner and living area with 2 large sofas, a armchair and another bathroom, also a small utility with washer which was great as the children got really mucky.

Our first morning the children were a little hesitant but farmer Rob and Fiona got everyone involved and the children were over the moon collecting eggs for breakfast, bottle feeding the goats and lambs, and feeding the pigs, in the afternoon we ventured out to Carmarthen and picked up a few bits this place is quite built up with a good variety of shops such as the range and a large Tesco, its not far about 30 mins away from Cwmcrwth farm.

Our second day after the children had been our for a couple of hours with farmer rob and Fiona we ventured out to Carreg castle which was only about a 20 minute drive away, I must say that the location is perfect for days out not that you need them as my 3 just wanted to stay on the farm, we arrived back at the farm and the children went pond dipping they found some amazing crawlies and Sophie really took it to the extreme and fell in ( a platform was being made whilst we were there which will be perfect). Rob and fiona lent the children fishing rod to go fishing in the pond they did not catch anything but really enjoyed trying.

Third day was the first junior farmer day which the children and adults got even more involved farmer Rob really gave my children the most amazing memories we were even lucky enough to get up close to a new born calf, the children took the lambs over to a field on leads Sophie was smitten by ruby a little lamb who unfortunately was blind but the most gentle little thing, they cleaned out the pigs, goats, and lambs, and all got a ride in the tractor, and on the farm quad bike, Fiona cooked us a beautiful lunch and then it was back to it, this was a real fun-filled day.

Day 4 the children done the morning farming and then we headed of to Tenby which was about 45 minutes away, we went on a sea fishing trip all 3 of them wanted to take rob and Fiona some fish back that they had caught which they managed to catch quite a few, we then went crabbing off the harbor wall which was good fun, we went back to the farm and the children played in a little stream and they were so happy it was so nice to see them having so much fun with nature.

Our 5th day was another junior farmer day, and we all had such a good day Michael got stuck in the pigs mud, his wellies must have trebled in weight this made us all laugh so much I was so thankful he didn't go face first in it too though, Sophie was delighted to get to groom some ponies toffee, Eddie and Derek, we moved some pigs about even a huge boar and the children got to milk a goat this was another fantastic day at the farm.

On our 6th day we really couldn't believe it was nearly time to leave, and our holiday was nearly over we went back to Camarthen to get a couple of gifts for people but all the children wanted to do was go back to the farm we actually could have spent our whole week on the farm and the children would not of been bored.

At the end of our weeks stay the children all received a Junior Farmer certificate and some sweets for the journey home which was a lovely surprise,  Our experience on this holiday was second to none, we really could not speak more highly of how welcome we were made to feel.
Rob and Fiona do a excellent job even though they have so much to do, my children's confidence grew so much, they have memories they will hold onto forever, we have already booked to return in the 6 weeks holidays for another fun filled week and we all cannot wait.

This was a Holiday were dreams really did come true ....

Monday, 28 April 2014

Holiday countdown

May is upon us and this means only one thing it is holiday time, this year we are finding it really hard as my daughter does not want to fly so we are going to do UK HOLIDAYS, and believe me it is not a easy task finding family friendly places to visit, our first trip this year is to a farm we are going for 7 nights to a place called Cwmcrwth farm, I really hope it is as good as it looks and the children have a blast.

We are are the hunt now for further adventures for our summer holidays, and have clamping, camping, caravan, windmill holidays all on our list but finding them is proving hard, we are also in talks about driving to France although not sure about the long long drive, October holidays is going to be our london visit as believe it or not we have never been to London, although I am going with my mum, brother and sister this Friday only for the day but doing things the children would not really want to do.

We have also joined approved family friendly which is a amazing website, for finding family friendly holidays, hotels and days out and we cannot wait to start writing about out experiences at different places we visit.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mad Hatters tea party

Were does time go my little girl turned 11 yesterday, she decided she wanted a grown up party with tea, sandwiches and cakes, so I scoured the Charity shops for vintage tea cups and saucers I managed to find a full set of 12 with sandwich plates and 2 serving plated for a grand total of £14.99 then purchased a beautiful teapot from Asda.

Our day was fantastic with family arriving from 4pm as Thomas was at his Archery club championships, we had simple but nice sandwiches tuna and cucumber, ham and cheese also a large selection of cakes, the day was a huge success and was so much easier than our usual parties.


Thomas also came home with 2 trophies and a medal to add more cheer to the day, my children make me so proud of them.

Monday, 17 March 2014

When You think your child has dyslexia

My youngest has always struggled at school, I have always know something was quite not right, in fact to the point I have asked his teachers but always assured no he is ok, when he had his transition from year 2 to year 3 I remember crying to the head mistress that my child was going to year 3 unable to read or write I was worried, Michael is has always been quite in school and is very good at blending into the background.

When Michael was going into year 4 still struggling  my concerns were niggling but a week after he was in with his new teacher she asked me for a word and explained Michael could not copy from the board and she too was concerned, I felt like hugging his teacher finally someone who could see the same as me.
I decided to start the ball rolling myself and got a referral to a pediatric doctor, who also agreed and suggested it could be more than one thing and she would like Michael assessed for dyslexia and dyspraxia he already has auditory processing difficulties, so back in November I met the educational psychologist, his assessment finally came back and we stated that Michael has dyslexia, this is not the end of our journey to find out what SEN Michael has.

We had another appointment for his dyspraxia assessment during half term, but for now we can start getting him the support he has so badly needed, the PTA agreed a laptop for him the day we got his results which is fantastic news as he already has on for doing work at home but will have one in school also, I am meeting to find out what is being put in place for him next week and finally feel like we can move forwards.
Just shows though mum really does know best. So never doubt yourself like I did.
Keep asking and hopefully someone will listen.

my search is now on to find as much support and help for Michael so he can keep up with his peers.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

My child now has a dentist phobia

Well things did not go as planned today with Michael's tooth extraction, he had really prepared himself and knew he would have a needle being 8 years old this was a big concern but he coped fine with this part even though the dentist could of used a numbing gel prior to this and never,  I was so proud of my boy then things started to go wrong, as soon as the dentist gave him the anaesthetic he got the instruments to remove Michael's tooth, I did ask if he needed to wait for it to go numb as I always have, I was told no....... this is when things went wrong Michael said he could feel everything and it was hurting but the dentist assured me it was just the pressure he could feel, Michael went hysterical shouting it was hurting, I was starting to panic as I could see in my son's face he was scared and then the dreaded asthma kicked in...... after a few tugs and pushes and some blood I was told he is not going to let me do this today, come back when he can no longer bear the pain he will let me do it then, OK so he may have been panicking but he is only 8 years old and this was scary for him, it was so traumatic he ended up having a asthma attack in the car......... I feel so sorry for my son his little face is swollen and he is in pain, I called the dental ward at alder hey and explained my situation, that I thought my son would never enter a dentist surgery again they have agreed to see Michael, he is terrified that someone is going to look at his teeth again and I can not blame him, my child will never sit in a dentist chair again without fear in his face.
I am looking for a new dentist preferably a child friendly one.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Endometriosis hysterectomy not really a cure

I had my hysterectomy nearly 3 years ago, and I really thought that it was the best solution for my endometriosis, I was never told that the endometriosis could return until this year I started getting pains again and thought no it can not be back then 3 weeks ago I was in agony, I visited my GP who told me no it could not be back and she carried out various blood tests, the pain continued so I returned seeing a different doctor and she said endometriosis can return and I needed to see a gyny consultant, I have seen the consultant who has explained that the endometriosis could be back on different organs maybe my bowel or bladder causing the pain, I have been so bad I ended up in casualty, now I am booked in for a laparoscopy on Wednesday and dosed up on tramadol and various other pain relief, I just do not understand why I had major surgery and was never advised that it could come back.

Endometriosis is a really painful disease and I have suffered for so long, I will post more regarding my journey with this disease and the results of wednesdays findings.

Make sure you are sure if offered a hysterectomy for endometriosis that you know it can come back and is not always the answer.

bad teeth, asthma steroids or antibiotics

Today I feel so emotional, my baby boy (ok not so baby but 8 years old) needs to have one of his back teeth removed after suffering for a few weeks with it, he always had such beautiful teeth and when he was younger had severe asthma and hearing problems and I really think the medications have damaged his teeth, I know this is not my fault as he would have been so poorly without the medication, no win situation.  One time he was given a prescription for 6 months of antibiotics to be taken over the winter months to help stop his eardrums perforating, he has been on steroids for over 6 years and I really feel for him, what mother does not want beautiful teeth for their children, I am picking him up from school at 2pm and dentist at 3pm I have not told him yet as I did not want him to worry, although he does know it is going to happen he just does not know it is going to be today ....... wish him and me luck.