Friday, 31 December 2010

christmas 2010

T'was the night before christmas and all through the house not a creature was staring not even a mouse except thomas sophie and michael 2am "mum has he been yet" not yet back to sleep
3am " mum has he been yet our stockings are full " no not yet he hasnt left presents downstairs
this went on til 6.30 when i finally let them all get up

The 5 of us were so excited and there were lots of goodies left by father christmas everyone got just what had been put on their lists
michael opening his screature toy he looks very happy

there is a floor under there somewere 3 very happy children must have been extremly good for all those toys

spongebob suitcase
ToyStory imaginext we love imaginext

babyborn with walking pony wow she has hair

YIPPEEE I got my ipod touch

and a big train set michael wants a go too  

at nana's house little dylan with his new toy
can you see bigfoot in the background mummy loves him
sophie cant wait to open toffee her very own pony

christmas was hard this year after a tough year but we made the most of it and had a lovely time im sure we will have lots of fun playing with all the toys and we will try our best to write down what we thought of all the things


Stink Blasters Stink Containment Truck

Were do i start with this one i would NOT  recommend buying for your own children as it does what it says STINKS it stinks so bad when thomas my 9 year old opened the box and michael my 6 year old was standing by him he actually vomited with the smell
thomas thinks its great as most 9 year olds would but the smell goodness it lingers all around the house so much so i have banned it from being opened indoors and taped the box so no smell comes out
The little men have holes in there mouths and you can squeeze them to let the different stenches out more and they are all stored inside the van which when opened you have never smelt anything so gross
all the figures have different names and can be collected
Tony Anchovy , Dog Breath Danny, Skunk Punk, Rotten Egg Ronnie , Lizard Lips Lenny, and Cauliflower Girl
I think most boys will love this toy and a great buy for someone elses children just BEWARE if you buying for your own

bop it so addictive

we came runner up in toyologist competition on face book and in our parcel BOP IT was there

bop it looks a bit something and nothing but we have found out simply how addictive it is for young and old it has a few settings our favourite being pass it
a varied age of children in our house decided to put it through its paces from age 5 to 13
and each of them loved it it has been continually played with including mum (secret bop it addict)
we found it great having 3 volume settings as when playing solo you dont need it loud but when a few children getting excited about it laughing and shouting definatley need blast it
its very durable and has been dropped a couple of times by a 3 year old playing it
this really has been one of the christmas favorites in our house and for a very reasonable price

bop it states from age 8+ but my youngest who is only just 6 loves it so i would say it would be suitable for younger children as well
great family fun for all
we will defiantley be trying more from the bop it range after using this 

scotch tape pop up dispenser

WOW this simple gadget was given to me by to test and i really cant belive how something so simple can be so effective it was an absolute life saver when wrapping all the christmas presents and birthday ones
no more fiddling with bits of cellotape and sissors for anyone whos seen the advert it really does work
every year i get that behind on wrapping i call in my wrapping fairy sister inlaw shelly but she was made redundant due to this new gadget
it more than halved the time and was great to use refills are very cheap to say the least
all you need to do is put this on your had and your away leaving hands free to hold the paper instead of fumbling round trying to get tape cut
i am in love with this and will treasure it definatley one for the kitchen drawers

Thursday, 25 November 2010

thomas's visit to plastic surgeons

today has been an eventful day with us being runner up in toysrus uk toyologist competition we also won on coke zone 2 cinema tickets which will be very handy
also we went to see the plastic surgeons regarding thomas's poland syndrome we were very nervous about this appointment more so than all the others as this was to see if thomas needed the muscles in his chest he is missing and we were delighted he doesnt need them he is doing well without them and another muscle is compensating the missing ones
we have always know about a rib abnormality on one side but today were told he has fused ribs on both sides they look like wishbones very strange to look at
but he will only need an operation purely for cosmetic reasons which at the age of 9 it doesnt matter at this moment in time it doesnt bother him and he is happy with they way he looks
1 arm is slimmer than the other but obly noticable to the trained eye and we were happy to hear all this my little boy doesnt need muscles moving or a chest reconstruction
after all he has been through it was just the news we wanted to hear
so all in all a great day all around and now were just waiting for our prizes to arrive

toys r us toyologist competition

well we were so close we've drempt about this for a long while and entered previous times chris my husband entered on facebook and we were delighted when geoffrey giraffe liked our poem

the children have been asking several times aday if we had heard anything from them we had an email saying we had been chosen as one of the 10 runner-ups which we were over the moon it mean 1 step closer to being toyologists

the children are delighted and want to do a review on what ever there prize is which im really happy about

also to get to the final 10 out of all those entries is just amazing for us hopefully one day we will become toyologists

heres our entry which i think was great as everyone had an imput

ToysRus you need the best
were willing to put your toys to the test
2 boys and a girl age 9, 7 and 5
with lots of friends our house is alive

...when we start playing
there is no delaying
the fun will begin
coz we're hoping to win

we're honest and truthful
be good or be bad
if you give us these toys
we'll UNTIE our DAD

To be a toyologist would be such a dream
like being an astronaut or even the queen

so geoffrey giraffe please make us laugh
and send us some toys straight from your store

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The joys of children

well last night our house was heaven all children happy thomas has nearly completed his slam attax card collection and sophie thought he was the best big brother since sliced bread he had given her all his yu gi oh cards and that was about 1000 of them they have sat in his drawer for over a year now
this morning our house turned messy thomas no longer wanted to give sophie his cards and wanted to put them back in his drawer she was heart broken
what do i do now  which ever way i go someone gets hurt and going to be very upset
im  pretty sure thomas is using the cards as a bribing point as he is pretty desperate for the new xbox game black ops ive told him to ask santa for it as i dont buy toys this close to christmas and also he has given her these he should learn his lesson but then on the other hand they are his cards or should i say were

being a mum is so hard when we have to decide which child to upset hoping they will sort it out after school and thomas has had a change of heart

Friday, 5 November 2010

trying to help my children with grief

it gets harder everyday i know come bedtime one of them will be upset last night was thomas's turn again and it broke my heart he just wants his grandad back in his life
but how can i expect a 9, 7 and 5 year old to understand when i dont myself
we had a good cry together and he sobbed so much he fell asleep all i can do is be there for them all
i know my dad is watching over us all and will help us through

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

never rains

why everyday does it seem to pour down at 3.30pm when i have to go collect my children from school
everyday its a constant battle for a parking space usually ending up 10 minutes walking distance to the school I decided to leave half an hour early so we were not soaked threw as i have 3 different collection points for the children and still the parking was horrendous what time do these people actually leave or do they saty parked up all day just to get near to the school i may try an hour early just to see if i can be first there
we did get soaked through but it was fun so never mind i will be first one day