Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The joys of children

well last night our house was heaven all children happy thomas has nearly completed his slam attax card collection and sophie thought he was the best big brother since sliced bread he had given her all his yu gi oh cards and that was about 1000 of them they have sat in his drawer for over a year now
this morning our house turned messy thomas no longer wanted to give sophie his cards and wanted to put them back in his drawer she was heart broken
what do i do now  which ever way i go someone gets hurt and going to be very upset
im  pretty sure thomas is using the cards as a bribing point as he is pretty desperate for the new xbox game black ops ive told him to ask santa for it as i dont buy toys this close to christmas and also he has given her these he should learn his lesson but then on the other hand they are his cards or should i say were

being a mum is so hard when we have to decide which child to upset hoping they will sort it out after school and thomas has had a change of heart

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