Thursday, 25 November 2010

thomas's visit to plastic surgeons

today has been an eventful day with us being runner up in toysrus uk toyologist competition we also won on coke zone 2 cinema tickets which will be very handy
also we went to see the plastic surgeons regarding thomas's poland syndrome we were very nervous about this appointment more so than all the others as this was to see if thomas needed the muscles in his chest he is missing and we were delighted he doesnt need them he is doing well without them and another muscle is compensating the missing ones
we have always know about a rib abnormality on one side but today were told he has fused ribs on both sides they look like wishbones very strange to look at
but he will only need an operation purely for cosmetic reasons which at the age of 9 it doesnt matter at this moment in time it doesnt bother him and he is happy with they way he looks
1 arm is slimmer than the other but obly noticable to the trained eye and we were happy to hear all this my little boy doesnt need muscles moving or a chest reconstruction
after all he has been through it was just the news we wanted to hear
so all in all a great day all around and now were just waiting for our prizes to arrive

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