Friday, 31 December 2010

bop it so addictive

we came runner up in toyologist competition on face book and in our parcel BOP IT was there

bop it looks a bit something and nothing but we have found out simply how addictive it is for young and old it has a few settings our favourite being pass it
a varied age of children in our house decided to put it through its paces from age 5 to 13
and each of them loved it it has been continually played with including mum (secret bop it addict)
we found it great having 3 volume settings as when playing solo you dont need it loud but when a few children getting excited about it laughing and shouting definatley need blast it
its very durable and has been dropped a couple of times by a 3 year old playing it
this really has been one of the christmas favorites in our house and for a very reasonable price

bop it states from age 8+ but my youngest who is only just 6 loves it so i would say it would be suitable for younger children as well
great family fun for all
we will defiantley be trying more from the bop it range after using this 

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