Friday, 31 December 2010

scotch tape pop up dispenser

WOW this simple gadget was given to me by to test and i really cant belive how something so simple can be so effective it was an absolute life saver when wrapping all the christmas presents and birthday ones
no more fiddling with bits of cellotape and sissors for anyone whos seen the advert it really does work
every year i get that behind on wrapping i call in my wrapping fairy sister inlaw shelly but she was made redundant due to this new gadget
it more than halved the time and was great to use refills are very cheap to say the least
all you need to do is put this on your had and your away leaving hands free to hold the paper instead of fumbling round trying to get tape cut
i am in love with this and will treasure it definatley one for the kitchen drawers

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