Friday, 31 December 2010

Stink Blasters Stink Containment Truck

Were do i start with this one i would NOT  recommend buying for your own children as it does what it says STINKS it stinks so bad when thomas my 9 year old opened the box and michael my 6 year old was standing by him he actually vomited with the smell
thomas thinks its great as most 9 year olds would but the smell goodness it lingers all around the house so much so i have banned it from being opened indoors and taped the box so no smell comes out
The little men have holes in there mouths and you can squeeze them to let the different stenches out more and they are all stored inside the van which when opened you have never smelt anything so gross
all the figures have different names and can be collected
Tony Anchovy , Dog Breath Danny, Skunk Punk, Rotten Egg Ronnie , Lizard Lips Lenny, and Cauliflower Girl
I think most boys will love this toy and a great buy for someone elses children just BEWARE if you buying for your own

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