Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Liquid soap flakes

we were asked to review liquid soap flakes by when they arrived the first thing that i did was smell them i love fresh smells but no scent which i would have loved a few years ago when my children were smaller but nowadays i always sniff before i buy
each wash needs between 50 to 100ml depneding on drumsize
I washed a normal the clothes came out pretty clean some deeper marks remained which would usually be removed but my biggest downer was they didnt smell fresh which i like
This would be ideal for newborns when you want something gentle to use
On a big plus myself and my children have sensitive skin and we had no itches after wearing our clothes once washed with Liquid soap flakes
This isnt bad value for money £3.05 for a 15 wash bottle
I personally wouldnt buy this product as i love scents and like my washing to have a fresh smell to it

it does what it says and is gentle on skin and unscented i would recommend for very sensetive skin and little ones who have delicate skin

great product just not for me

Friday, 15 April 2011

green's cookies with love

My husband got the chance from to review greens cookies with love
here's a look at his review they tasted lovely

Green's Cookies With Love

easy peasy"we decided to make these cookies yesterday and me my 3 children and 3 year old nephew started to bake as the ladies of the house sat and drank tea

what can i say cant cook wont cook is my title but i managed these with ease didnt think the would be so easy trickiest part was measuring the butter as so small should really be a knob of butter would be easier i really enjoyed doing them and all the children found it easy that includes me

we baked the cookies for 7 minutes and then decorated them the finished cookies looked and tasted fantastic only down side is they are very moreish so we could have easily baked another couple of packets
when we gave the ladies a fresh cuppa and there cookie they were very impressed
a great product and easy peasy to use