Friday, 15 April 2011

green's cookies with love

My husband got the chance from to review greens cookies with love
here's a look at his review they tasted lovely

Green's Cookies With Love

easy peasy"we decided to make these cookies yesterday and me my 3 children and 3 year old nephew started to bake as the ladies of the house sat and drank tea

what can i say cant cook wont cook is my title but i managed these with ease didnt think the would be so easy trickiest part was measuring the butter as so small should really be a knob of butter would be easier i really enjoyed doing them and all the children found it easy that includes me

we baked the cookies for 7 minutes and then decorated them the finished cookies looked and tasted fantastic only down side is they are very moreish so we could have easily baked another couple of packets
when we gave the ladies a fresh cuppa and there cookie they were very impressed
a great product and easy peasy to use

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