Saturday, 21 May 2011

and the WORLD didnt end

Again another day the world was going to end .
I remember being a child in school and the world was going to end , I was thinking to myself why is my mum sending me to school doesn't she care, WHY  are all these children here?

My eldest was pretty concerned that it this would be his last day on the earth this morning and I explained that so many times it has been the end that it all madness now

I remember the millennium as the clocks struck midnight all the phones were going to go off and all the lighting everything would go mad and there would be total mayhem but none of it happened and we are all still here to live another day.

We have another date soon as 2012 is supposedly the end of the world too but will it ever happen and how would it happen?

When I read up on all the facts and the fiction regarding the END it actually makes sense were the moon is so close and all the earthquakes and crazy weather but then think what can I do to stop it all, the answer is nothing.

so yes I am here to live another day and watch Britain's got talent this evening unless it happens later but as of now I have lived to tell another tale of how  THE WORLD NEVER ENDED

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Monkey Dunk review

We were sent Monkey Dunk along with pop goes Froggio to review from Mummy news we have always loved Hasbro games, and this was no disappointment.

This game is from the Elefun and friends range for age 4+  which I would say is ideal although my 3 year old nephew played it happily after we taught him how to make the monkey jump .
The game is for 2 - 4  players
Its contents includes Elefun popper, 16 monkeys which are very similar to the little leap frogs when i was small , 20 banana tokens ,lily pad blocker gameboard with backdrop and tray and the instructions.
The box is part of the game which is a good idea and its strong and sturdy, setting up takes a few minutes definitely not long enough for them to get bored as they can be sorting out which colour monkeys they are going to be while an adult sets up .
Younger children would really struggle to set this up but my 8 and 10 year old done it no problems even though it does say Adult assembly required.

It's really easy to play all children pick a colour and gather their 4 monkeys together , you place the Elefun popper  into 1 of the 4 swimming holes and when everyone is ready to play push the popper down everyone tries to get there monkeys into the holes until Elefun pops up then for every monkey in a hole you receive a banana token it continues like this until all bananas are gone.

The winner is the one with the most tokens at the end .

There is also a more challenging game using the lily pad blocker the older children enjoyed that more.

This was lots of fun to play and I am sure will be played with lot's ,Callum my nephew who is 3 absolutely loved this game so maybe it should be age 3+ as i would recommend for children as young as this

Monday, 16 May 2011


After a very restless weekend and trying to keep busy a very sleepless night,
finally 12 noon arrived !!!!!
I was sat on Facebook  refreshing the page and the excitement was so intense , we were sitting with our coats on too as we had to go out but this was far to important to miss. then a message appeared from Toys R Us .
Congratulating the new families and all who entered but no names appeared I hit refresh once more and there it was my name was number 2 on the list, I was crying, laughing and wanted to tell everyone.

It was now official my family are now part of the Toys R Us  Toyologist team,


But now I had to wait til 3.30pm to the real stars that they had made it and boy did the time go so slow

I done all my running round with my husband after of course using my mobile to call and tell everyone I could think of .
I wanted to tell all three of them together as I thought this would be the best and most exciting and they shouted with joy they really couldn't believe they had done it .
Our Journey with Toys R Us has just began I'm sure it will be incredibly fun and exciting and we all cannot wait .

Three very happy Toyologists

Everyone who entered to be a toyologist did fantastic and some amazing entries
I really enjoyed reading them all


A massive congratulations to the other 9 families I look forward to our Journey together

Wendy McDonald - Inside the wendy house
Helen Jessup - The Crazy kitchen
Claire Kendrick-Anderson - Seasider in the City
...Damian Johnson - Dads toybox
The Boy and me - TheBoyAndMe
Jennie Narin - Edspire
James Spence - James Spence

Thank you for the list sarah xx

The day for Geoffreys announcement

I actually have got through the weekend quite well considering I'm waiting to find out if we have been selected by Geoffrey Giraffe to be in the final 10 chosen to be Toys R Us  toyologists ,
That is until last night I dreamt of toys and giraffes and couldn't sleep at all by 5.30am ,enough was enough I ventured downstairs and my first port of call was facebook Toys R Us uk.
I have actually planned 2 different outcomes to tell the children as they too are very excited but understand that there are 25 shortlisted and Geoffrey can only chose 10 lucky families .

I must say this has been the most nailbiting experience ,
to see if I can offically have the toyologist badge finally awarded to us

I really dont envy Geoffrey Giraffe and his team having to choose the final 10 it must be so hard as in one hand you will make people very happy and in the other you have to tell the other 15 that they didnt make it . goodness knows how the Xfactor finalist feel .

My husband is off work today he is self employed and  i know he will be on every 5 minutes has he announced yet which is going to make me even more nervous but he will be there if we are not chosen and I know there is nothing i could have done more.

This will be my last blog update before the winners are announced will be keeping everything crossed that we have made it.

                        Goodluck to everyone else in the final 25
            you have all done amazingly well to get this far .

Sunday, 15 May 2011

green's Tom and Jerry cake mix review

When we were asked by to review some more GREEN'S products we were over the moon as they are always so yummy and easy to make

     We recieved the Tom and Jerry design so we decided to let Michael be the cook for today.

        On opening the box he was delighted to have a little puzzle book and some stickers inside which is a really good idea .

The instructions were on the back of the box in 4 simple stages all we needed to supply was 1 egg, some butter and water couldn't get any easier really .

Michael done everything himself except the butter measurement thats how easy these cakes were.

I placed them in the oven for 10 minutes and they smelt really yummy and  michael really liked the cake mix .

After 10 minutes out they came but we had to wait for them to cool and sitting waiting looking at these was really hard

After they had cooled came the decorating which was easy once I had made the icing sugar, michael was off again and they were ready in no time at all with the great Tom and Jerry waferette decorations

I must say they really didnt last long at all in our house they tasted really really nice

Another fantastic GREEN'S product which  i would highly recommend .

POP goes Froggio review


We recieved Pop goes froggio this week from Mummy news to review and have had lots of fun with it,
it is made by the well known and loved  Hasbro the recommended age is 3+ which i think is ideal .

Included in the box contents is the Butterfly spinner unit with plastic tube and lilypad launcher , 12 character lily pads , the instructions and most important a foam Froggio.

The contents is very well made and the lily pads are strong and sturdy , Froggio is a really good quality foam im sure this will all stand the test of time.

There is very minimal assembly needed so your little one are not getting impatient while you set this up.

WOW this really is a great game so easy to play for little ones yet lots of fun for older children , the aim of the game is to find the lily pad with the same character that the spinner landed on then run back to the launcher , launch froggio into the air and try to catch him the winner is the one with the most lily pads at the end.

We actually went one step further as my 10 year old and his friends wanted to play this and I went around and hid the lily pads so they not only had the task of finding the matching character they also had to find the lily pad which they thought was fantastic.

I know this game will be one of our firm favorites and will be used many times in our house as its so much fun.

A big plus for me was it all went back into the box after we had finished playing so many times we struggle to fit games back into boxes but certainly not the case with Pop goes Froggio.

for a list of stockists for this fantastic game visit  hasbro games .

nephews first sleepover

We decided this week that we would have my nephew for his first sleepover and everyone was so excited even though he is 3 and spends lots of time here he has never experienced a full night here
My sister was very nervous so much so i began thinking am i a mummy or have i done a bad job with my own when i asked her she laughed and said it was just a big step

Callum arrived about 4pm yesterday and we had lots of playing as usual then we went upstairs to show him were he would be sleeping we purchased aero bed which inflates in seconds and stores in a small bag i put this in my room as thought if he misses mummy and daddy i would be there for him immediately

we had our tea and watched doctor who which we all love will have to do a blog post about that soon
it was time for teeth brushing washing and pj's callum went up no problems and Sophie went and read him a story we have a few up and down stairs moments as he wanted to play
i did pause Britain's got talent a few times

finally all 4 children were sound asleep and we never had anyone up at all through out the night

I was up before 6am as usual and still managed to get my peaceful cuppa thank goodness
At 7.30 i heard the sound of little feet then it sounded like a herd of elephants as they all woke

Callum spoke to his mummy this morning and said he wasn't going home so i would say he has had lots of fun lots of toys are about getting played with
 my eldest Thomas has gone on a activity day with Cub Scouts which I'm really nervous about as it includes air rifle shooting and canoeing so I'm back to 3 children WELL 4 including my husband

Saturday, 14 May 2011

toyologist application final stages

how exciting it is right now we posted our review and were selected to be in the final stage
last night we recieved the final part a questionnaire which we completed thsi morning
now its just sit and wait hope and pray that we get chosen to be a 2011 toyologist

yesterday when the children arrived home from school and i announced that we were in the running for the toyologist position they were so so excited as myself and my husband were i think my phone bill doubled as i phoned everyone i could think of to tell them

the new toyologists will be announced monday so we have a weekend of waiting patiently if there is such a thing haha

At christmas when we entered we came so close and was picked as a runner up so we have been so close before although there was no questionnaire to complete so that makes it even more nerve wracking
hoping myself and my family will be picked but we are very proud to have gotten this far out of all the fantastic entries

will update on monday when we have the results and hope we will be over the moon shouting for joy

next week is walk to school week

Next week is walk to school week somthing i dread not because im lazy or dont like walking it rains from monday to friday
my children go to school 1 mile from our home which doesnt seem far away but when your walking at 8.30 and then walking back in the pouring rain it seems like for ever
they want to walk come rain, thunder, sleet or snow as they really want a sticker each day
i did tell them to tell a little fib and say they had walked told them it was only a little white lie but NO way mum you told us NEVER to lie think i may have shot myself in the foot on that one

yesterday we did a practice run as the sun was shinning and it seemed a good idea at the time by the time we reached school i was carrying 3 lunch boxes, 3 bookbags and 2 coats and sweating like i'd ran a marathon think this menopause is great on cold day but not when your busy trying to do things , I must have said "COME ON HURRY " a zillion times but we got there and on time too
then it was my turn to walk home I really think this would do me good walking 4 miles a day so maybe it wont be that bad next week hoping the rain stays away at least

Friday, 13 May 2011

blog posts disapeared FRIDAY THE 13TH CURSE

I wrote a couple of posts yesterday and they have vanished off my blog
im not a happy bunny
is this the CURSE of friday the 13th oh well if thats the only bad luck i have im not doing too bad

I have quite a few more posts to do so will rewrite them over the weekend they may reappear with a bit of luck

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A very merry UNbirthday to you

My youngest son was born on th 27th December and really misses not having a birthday party so we decided this year if the mad hatter can do it so can we so we decided to have a UNbirthday party he chose the date himself and the wait began we made our own invitations as we wanted people to know this was his UNbirthday party
The morning finally arrived and i was busy as always and the table looked fantasic
             great idea using plastic glasses for jelly they looked great and the children loved them

The children started to arrive and we had a bouncy castle and left the trampoline set up michael was 
delighted to see so many of his friends coming for his UNbirthday party

                  Every sang happy UNbirthday and i felt all the effort was worth while as it was a lovely day  

fianlly a very special guest arrived to put the icing on the cake 
mickey mouse was a great suprise and everyone loved him  

I love traditional party games and so did all the children, pass the parcel and musical statues went down a treat

Finally it was time for the party to end michael and all his friends had a fantastic day and didnt want it to end
we waved goodbye to everyone and michael then enjoyed opening all his lovely presents
he got a lot of nice things including a nerf gun he has always wanted


ShowOff Showcase

Thursday, 5 May 2011

funny faces sports day kit

our review of funny faces sports day kit

We decided to review this as our entry for our toysrus toyologist entry and we had a fantastic video and the camcorder jammed up so we have added a picture and we have all made up a poem

We've had so much fun with this set so much is included in such a small box there is everything needed for an indoor or outdoor sports day
In the box is the egg and spoon race 4 of each, 2 bands for the 3 legged race, 4 bean bags, 4 sacks and lastly a chart to keep scores
The sacks are really well made and of good quality they take the children pulling and also trying to cheat by running not jumping
The egg and spoons are an ideal size for all ages and the eggs fit perfect a little tricky trying to win the race against my 3 children though im sure someone was cheating
The 3 legged race straps are great and easy to fit
we cut out holes in boxes and tried to throw the bean bags into the holes which the children loved

all in all this is a great package ideal for lots of family fun i would say for all ages as my nephews joined in who are 18 months and 3 years old my children are 6,8 and 10 and myself and my husband are in our 30's we had as much fun as all the children
The set retails at £12.99 and is worth every penny

Sports Day

With a jump in a sack
and an egg and a spoon
Geoffrey giraffe entered the room

Sports days for fun
and you may have to run
but poor little sophie
just fell on her bum

Thomas was Ace
in the three legged race
he was going so fast
that he fell on his lace

michael set a good pace
in the jumping sack race
you'd thought he had won
by the look on his face

we can't choose a winner
because its time for our dinner
and geoffrey giraffe
looks a lot slimmer

we thought is was best
to let toys r us
do the test
and pick the toyologist
whom they think is best

yipppeee we have made it through to the shortlist we will be keeping everything crossed we are chosen to be 2011 toyologist's this is such a achievement to get this far and we are very proud
watch this space