Monday, 16 May 2011

The day for Geoffreys announcement

I actually have got through the weekend quite well considering I'm waiting to find out if we have been selected by Geoffrey Giraffe to be in the final 10 chosen to be Toys R Us  toyologists ,
That is until last night I dreamt of toys and giraffes and couldn't sleep at all by 5.30am ,enough was enough I ventured downstairs and my first port of call was facebook Toys R Us uk.
I have actually planned 2 different outcomes to tell the children as they too are very excited but understand that there are 25 shortlisted and Geoffrey can only chose 10 lucky families .

I must say this has been the most nailbiting experience ,
to see if I can offically have the toyologist badge finally awarded to us

I really dont envy Geoffrey Giraffe and his team having to choose the final 10 it must be so hard as in one hand you will make people very happy and in the other you have to tell the other 15 that they didnt make it . goodness knows how the Xfactor finalist feel .

My husband is off work today he is self employed and  i know he will be on every 5 minutes has he announced yet which is going to make me even more nervous but he will be there if we are not chosen and I know there is nothing i could have done more.

This will be my last blog update before the winners are announced will be keeping everything crossed that we have made it.

                        Goodluck to everyone else in the final 25
            you have all done amazingly well to get this far .


  1. ohh its soo nerve racking, my three were asking me if geoffrey had told us yet this morning, and I was explaining to them that we probably won't win... save on the dissapointmet, they will probably not mind if we don't get through, me however will be gutted! arrrggghhh fingers crossed tho, for you too!