Thursday, 5 May 2011

funny faces sports day kit

our review of funny faces sports day kit

We decided to review this as our entry for our toysrus toyologist entry and we had a fantastic video and the camcorder jammed up so we have added a picture and we have all made up a poem

We've had so much fun with this set so much is included in such a small box there is everything needed for an indoor or outdoor sports day
In the box is the egg and spoon race 4 of each, 2 bands for the 3 legged race, 4 bean bags, 4 sacks and lastly a chart to keep scores
The sacks are really well made and of good quality they take the children pulling and also trying to cheat by running not jumping
The egg and spoons are an ideal size for all ages and the eggs fit perfect a little tricky trying to win the race against my 3 children though im sure someone was cheating
The 3 legged race straps are great and easy to fit
we cut out holes in boxes and tried to throw the bean bags into the holes which the children loved

all in all this is a great package ideal for lots of family fun i would say for all ages as my nephews joined in who are 18 months and 3 years old my children are 6,8 and 10 and myself and my husband are in our 30's we had as much fun as all the children
The set retails at £12.99 and is worth every penny

Sports Day

With a jump in a sack
and an egg and a spoon
Geoffrey giraffe entered the room

Sports days for fun
and you may have to run
but poor little sophie
just fell on her bum

Thomas was Ace
in the three legged race
he was going so fast
that he fell on his lace

michael set a good pace
in the jumping sack race
you'd thought he had won
by the look on his face

we can't choose a winner
because its time for our dinner
and geoffrey giraffe
looks a lot slimmer

we thought is was best
to let toys r us
do the test
and pick the toyologist
whom they think is best

yipppeee we have made it through to the shortlist we will be keeping everything crossed we are chosen to be 2011 toyologist's this is such a achievement to get this far and we are very proud
watch this space

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  1. That looks a fabulous Sports Day set. I'm a primary teacher and know how much the children love the old fashioned games like beanbags and sack race.

    Good luck!