Monday, 16 May 2011


After a very restless weekend and trying to keep busy a very sleepless night,
finally 12 noon arrived !!!!!
I was sat on Facebook  refreshing the page and the excitement was so intense , we were sitting with our coats on too as we had to go out but this was far to important to miss. then a message appeared from Toys R Us .
Congratulating the new families and all who entered but no names appeared I hit refresh once more and there it was my name was number 2 on the list, I was crying, laughing and wanted to tell everyone.

It was now official my family are now part of the Toys R Us  Toyologist team,


But now I had to wait til 3.30pm to the real stars that they had made it and boy did the time go so slow

I done all my running round with my husband after of course using my mobile to call and tell everyone I could think of .
I wanted to tell all three of them together as I thought this would be the best and most exciting and they shouted with joy they really couldn't believe they had done it .
Our Journey with Toys R Us has just began I'm sure it will be incredibly fun and exciting and we all cannot wait .

Three very happy Toyologists

Everyone who entered to be a toyologist did fantastic and some amazing entries
I really enjoyed reading them all


A massive congratulations to the other 9 families I look forward to our Journey together

Wendy McDonald - Inside the wendy house
Helen Jessup - The Crazy kitchen
Claire Kendrick-Anderson - Seasider in the City
...Damian Johnson - Dads toybox
The Boy and me - TheBoyAndMe
Jennie Narin - Edspire
James Spence - James Spence

Thank you for the list sarah xx


  1. Congratulations from another new Toyologist! I'm following your blog and look forward to our journey!

  2. Wahay, well done. They look really excited. The Boy didn't have a clue although he is now saying 'Toy-gist' repeatedly.

  3. Thanks everyone and well done xx

  4. Congratulations! I am also new and following your blog x

  5. What a fun thing to win! I'm pretty new to blogging and hope that I pick up a few hints and tips from your blog along the way.