Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Monkey Dunk review

We were sent Monkey Dunk along with pop goes Froggio to review from Mummy news we have always loved Hasbro games, and this was no disappointment.

This game is from the Elefun and friends range for age 4+  which I would say is ideal although my 3 year old nephew played it happily after we taught him how to make the monkey jump .
The game is for 2 - 4  players
Its contents includes Elefun popper, 16 monkeys which are very similar to the little leap frogs when i was small , 20 banana tokens ,lily pad blocker gameboard with backdrop and tray and the instructions.
The box is part of the game which is a good idea and its strong and sturdy, setting up takes a few minutes definitely not long enough for them to get bored as they can be sorting out which colour monkeys they are going to be while an adult sets up .
Younger children would really struggle to set this up but my 8 and 10 year old done it no problems even though it does say Adult assembly required.

It's really easy to play all children pick a colour and gather their 4 monkeys together , you place the Elefun popper  into 1 of the 4 swimming holes and when everyone is ready to play push the popper down everyone tries to get there monkeys into the holes until Elefun pops up then for every monkey in a hole you receive a banana token it continues like this until all bananas are gone.

The winner is the one with the most tokens at the end .

There is also a more challenging game using the lily pad blocker the older children enjoyed that more.

This was lots of fun to play and I am sure will be played with lot's ,Callum my nephew who is 3 absolutely loved this game so maybe it should be age 3+ as i would recommend for children as young as this

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