Sunday, 15 May 2011

nephews first sleepover

We decided this week that we would have my nephew for his first sleepover and everyone was so excited even though he is 3 and spends lots of time here he has never experienced a full night here
My sister was very nervous so much so i began thinking am i a mummy or have i done a bad job with my own when i asked her she laughed and said it was just a big step

Callum arrived about 4pm yesterday and we had lots of playing as usual then we went upstairs to show him were he would be sleeping we purchased aero bed which inflates in seconds and stores in a small bag i put this in my room as thought if he misses mummy and daddy i would be there for him immediately

we had our tea and watched doctor who which we all love will have to do a blog post about that soon
it was time for teeth brushing washing and pj's callum went up no problems and Sophie went and read him a story we have a few up and down stairs moments as he wanted to play
i did pause Britain's got talent a few times

finally all 4 children were sound asleep and we never had anyone up at all through out the night

I was up before 6am as usual and still managed to get my peaceful cuppa thank goodness
At 7.30 i heard the sound of little feet then it sounded like a herd of elephants as they all woke

Callum spoke to his mummy this morning and said he wasn't going home so i would say he has had lots of fun lots of toys are about getting played with
 my eldest Thomas has gone on a activity day with Cub Scouts which I'm really nervous about as it includes air rifle shooting and canoeing so I'm back to 3 children WELL 4 including my husband

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