Saturday, 14 May 2011

next week is walk to school week

Next week is walk to school week somthing i dread not because im lazy or dont like walking it rains from monday to friday
my children go to school 1 mile from our home which doesnt seem far away but when your walking at 8.30 and then walking back in the pouring rain it seems like for ever
they want to walk come rain, thunder, sleet or snow as they really want a sticker each day
i did tell them to tell a little fib and say they had walked told them it was only a little white lie but NO way mum you told us NEVER to lie think i may have shot myself in the foot on that one

yesterday we did a practice run as the sun was shinning and it seemed a good idea at the time by the time we reached school i was carrying 3 lunch boxes, 3 bookbags and 2 coats and sweating like i'd ran a marathon think this menopause is great on cold day but not when your busy trying to do things , I must have said "COME ON HURRY " a zillion times but we got there and on time too
then it was my turn to walk home I really think this would do me good walking 4 miles a day so maybe it wont be that bad next week hoping the rain stays away at least

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  1. at our old house, the school was a good mile away, and we walked 'occasionally' but then we decided to get bikes, and they were much better, we rode to school EVERY day for over a year, come wind rain snow you name it the children loved it, and the worst weather to ride in was the sun!
    If you don't fancy riding tho, maybe you could park and stride, and half and half it, they still might get a badge that way :D xx