Saturday, 14 May 2011

toyologist application final stages

how exciting it is right now we posted our review and were selected to be in the final stage
last night we recieved the final part a questionnaire which we completed thsi morning
now its just sit and wait hope and pray that we get chosen to be a 2011 toyologist

yesterday when the children arrived home from school and i announced that we were in the running for the toyologist position they were so so excited as myself and my husband were i think my phone bill doubled as i phoned everyone i could think of to tell them

the new toyologists will be announced monday so we have a weekend of waiting patiently if there is such a thing haha

At christmas when we entered we came so close and was picked as a runner up so we have been so close before although there was no questionnaire to complete so that makes it even more nerve wracking
hoping myself and my family will be picked but we are very proud to have gotten this far out of all the fantastic entries

will update on monday when we have the results and hope we will be over the moon shouting for joy


  1. well done! we were also runners up at christmas, and again on the short list this time, hope this time is the one for both of us, is going to be a long weekend tho isn't it! xxx

  2. thanks sarah and well done on being selected again will be keeping everything crossed for us would be amazing to get through this time
    this weekend will be the longest ever dont think ive ever wished a weekend away in my life
    goodluck and hope we get our toyologist badges

  3. nearly over, wil be eagerly awaiting their post tomorrow :D xxx