Monday, 6 June 2011

Britannica Kids – Snakes app review

My son Thomas is snake mad and ipod mad so when he was selected by to review the britannica kids snake app he was totally over the moon to say the least and it was no let down.

The app has lots of very useful information about all different snakes, tells you what they eat and the habitat they like and lots more.
The app has different games which are really good too Thomas really enjoyed the jigsaw puzzles 

 brush off which is a guessing game also the quiz is really good and memory match and he loved the magic squares puzzle which is very similar to those little puzzle we had when children were all the pieces mix up and you have to rearrange the picture back to its original place  

At first I thought £4.99 for an app was a little steep but it certainley was NOT it was very educational and is still keeping him entertained the age for this says 8 to 12 but my younger son Michael loves the games too so I really think this could be lowered slightly and Thomas and Casper our very own snake really enjoyed it

Casper having a good look at the other snakes

 I would recommend this app for children who love animals and learning about them 10 out of 10 from Thomas and casper .

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