Wednesday, 29 June 2011

CycoCycle Toyologist review

I always thought I was up to date with most of the children's but when I heard we were going to receive the CycoCycle in our first  Toys R Us uk Toyologist box, I had to google it and was amazed with what I found.

When our delivery arrived I was home alone and being very impatient I thought I would try and assemble this myself and it couldn't have been easier the instructions were very clear and easy to understand you got all the tools you needed included so no messing about looking for things when your partner hasn't put it back were it should be.

The recommended age for this is 13 plus and I must say I totally agree as the seat is quite high, my son Thomas who is 10 has managed to master the technique quite well although Sophie and Michael can't , Michael never gives up on a challenge and even though his feet don't reach the bottom pedal he has managed to ride it with swapping feet with a few falls but no broken bones.

A  few of the older children have given it a whirl and love it so much they have gone from wanting a blackberry phone for birthdays to now wanting the CycoCycle they have done really well on it, as for me I still haven't mastered my co ordination very well and am so wobbly and cannot seem to get the hang of steering.

The CycoCycle is very similar to a unicycle with stabilisers which can be used for smaller children to hitch a lift or to do stunts on these have a great grip on so no falling off.

The price is brilliant at £99.99 It only comes in a bright yellow which is very cool so my son says.
It folds for easy storage which is a major plus on my side

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