Monday, 27 June 2011

Ravensburger child's world map puzzle ball Toyologist review

My 10 year old son Thomas and his friend Jordan couldn't wait to review the world map puzzle ball  this came in the first Toyologist delivery.

This puzzle has 180 pieces and there is 2 ways of putting it together one is to follow the picture or the other the one the boys decided to do was to use the numbers as every piece is number and also has an arrow to show were the next piece goes which is a really good feature. Also you get a starter piece and end piece.

They really thought about how they would do the puzzle and as Thomas started building Jordan sorted the pieces into numerical order each pile had ten pieces in then they both took turns of putting the pieces in.

I was very surprised at how easy the pieces went together and how quickly it went together, I actually think they were too.

But then on the last piece they hit problems and couldnt get the final piece in, they tried so hard and just couldnt do it so asked mum for help after the jigsaw started falling apart I tried but couldnt do it either so Thomas decided to try another way and leave a smaller piece out and then use that as his last piece which worked a lot easier  

Each piece of the puzzle is curved to make the ball shape and once built its very educational and the boys were showing each other were they had been on their holidays and were they would like to go.

The puzzle has a rotation stand included with it so its very easy to explore the globe.

The diameter when assembled is 20cm/8 inches so a very good size.

I agree with the recommended age 8+ maybe slightly younger children would benefit too.
The price is £19.99 which we thought was very reasonable as its not only a jigsaw but a great educational toy too.

We all agree that this is a great puzzle the only problem being the final piece which was really difficult but easily overcome.
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