Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Taking the plunge

Well I seem to have turned into someone my dad would have said would have been good in the war as a gunner as I am always gunna do something and I have said since becoming a mum I was always going to get fit again, It seems so many moons ago when I didnt look at myself and see the LOVE handles and MUFFIN top

I really dont think dieting is the way forward for me I like my food too much and only pick which is my major downfall , neither is going the gym as I'm pretty certain I would think of something else I had to do .

so here we go I have made my first major step this week and bought myself wait for it ......

I will blog my weight loss which will be from pure excercise and nothing more my new TOY will be in my home a week today and I've already asked for a T.V to be placed on the wall as then I can watch the soaps as I run you can imagine my husbands look with this request but I'm certain he will.

Watch this space for my updates and the new me I have promised this wont be a clothes airer and will be used ...
so this is it the new me should be on the way for the summer.

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