Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Toyologist competition - WIN FYRFLYZ


We have so much fun being Toyologist's and now its your turn I'm looking for a guest Toyologist to review FYRFLYZ 
Fyrflyz are a spinning light show mixing art, fun and action! Swing, spin and twirl your Fyrflyz to create amazing light shows and practice fun tricks with unique lighting effects!

All you have to do to enter is:-
1) Like Toys R Us UK facebook page
2) Like Mummiefun facebook page
dont forget to leave a comment here on my blog to tell me you have done the 2 steps with your name

You can get 2 bonus entries by doing the following
1) Share this competition on facebook and leave a seperate comment here to say you have done this
2) Share this competition on Twitter and leave a seperate comment here to say you have done this

MAX 3 ENTRIES per person

Competition ends 25th august 2011
winners details must be provided within 48 hours including telephone number for delivery purposes these will be given to Toys R Us for delivery
This is open to UK only

Friday, 15 July 2011

Drayton Manor Here We Come !!!!

Well what can I say we have been part of the fantastic The Baby Website Team for a good few years I actually got my first product to review from them,
Not only does this website have good advice, great Competitions,and you can become a Product Reviewer were you pay only £5 for a whole year of testing (you are guaranteed to get at least your £5 of products usually much more) also they have a fantastic friendly Forum I have made friends with mums far near and far and they have been amazing support through some of the most difficult times of my life.

Anyway yesterday I was looking at taking the children to a theme park next week as a treat we were toying with the idea of a couple of different ones anyway I decided to log on to the Forum and to my surprise they were looking for families to go and review the fab Drayton Manor. We placed our names on the list of applicant and waited excitedly.

We were delighted today to find out that we are off to Drayton Manor next week we are so so excited and we will be posting our review in the Review section .
And of course will do a blog post about our day

A big thank you to who you can also follow on FaceBook

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Toyologist review Nerf N-Strike barricade MREV - 10

My boys were totally in their element with the Nerf gun we were sent in our Toys R Us Toyologist box,
we have had lots of toy guns before and Michael recently received a NERF gun as a gift too so the battle began,

The NERF N-Strike Barricade MREV - 10 came with 10 whistler darts which just added to the excitement, it requires 3 AA batteries (not included) to use which are very simple to insert just 1 screw to open.

All 10 darts fit inside the revolving barrel which makes things a bit easier so your not loading every time you fire, you also have a jam clearing door in case your darts get stuck which is a brilliant feature as the gun automatically switches off when this is open.

The Nerf Barricade really shoots at speed but the darts were soft enough not to hurt although I wouldnt like to get hit in the face with one,
Also a couple of the darts did jam but with the clearing door this was quickly resolved I actually dont think it was the guns fault they jammed a couple of the darts were bent slightly, but it only took a second to straighten them up.

After playing for a good couple of hours they boys really enjoyed themselves and we were only 1 dart missing, we knew were it was too, down the street gully.

I really have to give this gun top marks as the children loved it so much and had so much fun we had no tears at all just pure laughing.

At a RRP of £17.99 it really is great value for money and with the school holidays it's great outdoors fun.

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it was worth it

After a hard week with no kitchen, mess and noise all day, washing dishes in the bathroom sink, preparing packed lunches in a tiny space and realising what life would be like without my washing machine, I can honestly say it was worth it all my new kitchen is fab I am delighted with it.

I love my breakfast bar and hoping my stools will be in the next sale tomorrow have my VIP slot booked and ready to go.

its been so worth all the mess and disruption just trying to get rid of all the dust now from everywhere as all the cutting was done indoors EEEK . 

Monday, 11 July 2011

connect 4 launchers great game

When our first toyologist delivery arrived we were very excited to see connect 4 launchers game, if the traditional connect 4 had anything to go by we knew we would love it.

available in Toys R Us
RRP £16.99

In the box you get 2 launchers 21 red loops and 21 yellow,  4 legs and 2 sturdy plastic tray which form the main game structure and the instructions, make sure you keep these safe as you can play numerous different games.

Assembly was very simple, even the children had no problems setting up and once assembled the game is very sturdy.
Each launcher has a score keeper on it so you have no problems unless you play with CHEATS.

The different games you can play are:-

Game 1 Basic Frantic Launch :- both players launch their counters til one has 4 in a row and shouts connect 4 they are the WINNER but if 1 counter lands in the same place as another its the top colour that counts

This game was so simple and lots of fun even the little ones got involved

Game 2 Championship Frantic Launcher :- this is the same as game 1 only the winner is the first to get to 5 using the score marker on the launcher.

Game 3 Advanced Power Launch :- you play this game in rounds and you also have to take turns of launching also in this one it's not the top colour counter that takes control it the player with the most counters in that space if its equal its neither.

Team play you also have team play games which are really good fun the kids enjoyed these ones the most with their friends.

We had so much fun with this game and even had a competition the winner played next person and guess what MUM won for a change I never win my family when we play games infact I am usually first out.

Thomas's verdict lots of fun and likes it much better than the traditional connect 4.

Sophie's verdict its cool even more cool when she wins.

.Michael's  verdict is its good fun and easy to play. 
mum and dads verdict its a great game, easy to play, fits back in the box and a big bonus is no batteries needed.

This game is definitely a must it's so much fun and so many different ways to play, The whole family have enjoyed this game and it has been used lots already and i'm sure will continue to be a regular in our house.

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

WOW what a busy week

Where has the time gone?
Its been really busy here on the 2nd July it was my birthday 21 again which was really nice me and my family went to the local pub which has a huge beer garden were the children had lots of fun then we had a lovely tea and home with some choccie, which I really enjoyed.

We also had windows fitted a couple of days before that which was something that was desperate my living room window had a failed unit and when the sun was on it, you couldn't see out it was foggy but I changed from a flat window to a lovely bow bay which I had always wanted.

Then this week we had a beautiful new kitchen which had to be the worst week ever I really didn't realised how much I needed my kitchen until it was gone for a week, and I'm really happy to have one back again besides the fact it looks amazing.
But and a big but all the cutting was done inside so I have spent the past 2 days trying to battle it all it is everywhere but hoping it will all be gone tomorrow when I  finish off.

So the works finished and I have promised my husband that's it for a while HONEST lol

Hoping to have a relaxing couple of weeks before the 6 week madness begins on the 22nd July
We do live in hope dont we.