Monday, 11 July 2011

connect 4 launchers great game

When our first toyologist delivery arrived we were very excited to see connect 4 launchers game, if the traditional connect 4 had anything to go by we knew we would love it.

available in Toys R Us
RRP £16.99

In the box you get 2 launchers 21 red loops and 21 yellow,  4 legs and 2 sturdy plastic tray which form the main game structure and the instructions, make sure you keep these safe as you can play numerous different games.

Assembly was very simple, even the children had no problems setting up and once assembled the game is very sturdy.
Each launcher has a score keeper on it so you have no problems unless you play with CHEATS.

The different games you can play are:-

Game 1 Basic Frantic Launch :- both players launch their counters til one has 4 in a row and shouts connect 4 they are the WINNER but if 1 counter lands in the same place as another its the top colour that counts

This game was so simple and lots of fun even the little ones got involved

Game 2 Championship Frantic Launcher :- this is the same as game 1 only the winner is the first to get to 5 using the score marker on the launcher.

Game 3 Advanced Power Launch :- you play this game in rounds and you also have to take turns of launching also in this one it's not the top colour counter that takes control it the player with the most counters in that space if its equal its neither.

Team play you also have team play games which are really good fun the kids enjoyed these ones the most with their friends.

We had so much fun with this game and even had a competition the winner played next person and guess what MUM won for a change I never win my family when we play games infact I am usually first out.

Thomas's verdict lots of fun and likes it much better than the traditional connect 4.

Sophie's verdict its cool even more cool when she wins.

.Michael's  verdict is its good fun and easy to play. 
mum and dads verdict its a great game, easy to play, fits back in the box and a big bonus is no batteries needed.

This game is definitely a must it's so much fun and so many different ways to play, The whole family have enjoyed this game and it has been used lots already and i'm sure will continue to be a regular in our house.

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