Friday, 15 July 2011

Drayton Manor Here We Come !!!!

Well what can I say we have been part of the fantastic The Baby Website Team for a good few years I actually got my first product to review from them,
Not only does this website have good advice, great Competitions,and you can become a Product Reviewer were you pay only £5 for a whole year of testing (you are guaranteed to get at least your £5 of products usually much more) also they have a fantastic friendly Forum I have made friends with mums far near and far and they have been amazing support through some of the most difficult times of my life.

Anyway yesterday I was looking at taking the children to a theme park next week as a treat we were toying with the idea of a couple of different ones anyway I decided to log on to the Forum and to my surprise they were looking for families to go and review the fab Drayton Manor. We placed our names on the list of applicant and waited excitedly.

We were delighted today to find out that we are off to Drayton Manor next week we are so so excited and we will be posting our review in the Review section .
And of course will do a blog post about our day

A big thank you to who you can also follow on FaceBook

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