Tuesday, 12 July 2011

it was worth it

After a hard week with no kitchen, mess and noise all day, washing dishes in the bathroom sink, preparing packed lunches in a tiny space and realising what life would be like without my washing machine, I can honestly say it was worth it all my new kitchen is fab I am delighted with it.

I love my breakfast bar and hoping my stools will be in the next sale tomorrow have my VIP slot booked and ready to go.

its been so worth all the mess and disruption just trying to get rid of all the dust now from everywhere as all the cutting was done indoors EEEK . 


  1. oh wow that looks gorgeous! Good luck getting your stools...
    It's horrible trying to live without a kitchen isn't it...and the dust gets everywhere!
    All worth it in the end though

  2. thanks Helen it was worth it but so much mess as i'm cleaning more dust settles will definatley be on the next sale tomorrow hunting my stools down lol xxx

  3. oh its lovely, did you get your stools?

  4. thanks sarah xx
    I did manage to get my stool after failing in my Next VIP slot, I was out shopping yesterday and called into next home and my stools were sat there at full price when I asked they hadnt realised they were in the sale so fantastic result they look great too x