Sunday, 10 July 2011

WOW what a busy week

Where has the time gone?
Its been really busy here on the 2nd July it was my birthday 21 again which was really nice me and my family went to the local pub which has a huge beer garden were the children had lots of fun then we had a lovely tea and home with some choccie, which I really enjoyed.

We also had windows fitted a couple of days before that which was something that was desperate my living room window had a failed unit and when the sun was on it, you couldn't see out it was foggy but I changed from a flat window to a lovely bow bay which I had always wanted.

Then this week we had a beautiful new kitchen which had to be the worst week ever I really didn't realised how much I needed my kitchen until it was gone for a week, and I'm really happy to have one back again besides the fact it looks amazing.
But and a big but all the cutting was done inside so I have spent the past 2 days trying to battle it all it is everywhere but hoping it will all be gone tomorrow when I  finish off.

So the works finished and I have promised my husband that's it for a while HONEST lol

Hoping to have a relaxing couple of weeks before the 6 week madness begins on the 22nd July
We do live in hope dont we.

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