Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Toys R Us guest Toyologist WANTED for Moon Sand candy factory

THE WINNER IS Hayley Gaffney, Well done and thanks to all who entered

Back in May this year we saw that Toys R Us UK were looking for families to take part in this years exciting Toyologist programme for the few people who dont know what this is its were the children get to try out all the fantastic Toys R Us  Toys and give thier opinion on them we have had such a fantastic time so far being part of this years programme and now you too can play apart in this by being a guest reviewer.

You will recieve this fantastic Moon sand candy factory and its yours to keep all we need in return is a review of it.

RRP IS £15.99 AGES 3+
All you have to do to be in with a chance is :-

Like Toys R Us UK Facebook page and Like Mummiefun Facebook page

You can also get 2 BONUS entries by :-

Sharing on Facebook
Sharing on twitter

Make sure you LEAVE a comment to let me know you have done the above including your name  MAKE sure you leave a seperate comment for each Bonus entry for it to be counted

This is open to UK residents only
closes the 25th September 2011
WINNER must reply withing 48 hours otherwise I will have to Re-Draw

Yummmy would you like to review a cakes from the tooth fairy book

Thw winner is Dolly Daydreamer Fairley well done and thank you to all who entered.

 I received this book from The and thought It would be lovely to have a guest reviewer to put this fantastic cookery book to the test.
Any parent would love to bake cakes that are kinder to your child's teeth plus their own, The cakes are free from regular sugar and made with xylitol which is a natural substance.

if you would like to be a guest reviewer on my blog you need to do the following steps :-

like The BabyWebsite Facebook page
like Mummiefun  facebook page

You can also get 2 bonus entries by doing the following steps
share on face book
and comment on The BabyWebsite's forum HERE to say why you would like to review this book

Make sure you leave a comment here on my blog to tell me which of the steps you have done, DON'T forget to leave your name so I can contact the lucky reviewer

competition will end on the 24th September 2011 at midday
open to UK residents only
The winner will have 48 hours to reply otherwise I will re-draw
good luck.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Toyologist Review Casdon Ironing set

Sophie loves her dolls this made a good addition

When I found out we were going to be receiving an ironing board I honestly thought that this would be my little nephew reviewing as they are usually so small,

The box it comes in is a great size although once assembled it wont go back into this,
Included in the box is the ironing board, a realistic Morphy Richards Iron, a folding clothes airer and 4 hangers,

The ironing board only need one screw to assemble it but instead of a nut it has a push on metal button which was really hard to attach, the instructions say to push it on I couldn't do it so my husband had to hammer it on and getting it in the right position was really difficult,

The clothes airer just clipped together which was simple and really easy.

Once they are assembled they are a really good size the ironing board has a adjustable height min 46cm- max 54cm and very sturdy a great feature is that it folds flat for storage

It has been played with lots they have really enjoyed role play and Michael (6) has helped mummy with the ironing and also ironed his clothes everyday.

michael ironing his PJ's ready for bedtime

Sophie (8) has loved ironing her dolls clothes and hanging them up as she goes along, her friends all loved the extra toy when playing with there dolls,

My 2 nephews ages 4 and 2 loved this and it really kept them busy they really felt it was such a grown up thing to be doing and I really think this was helped with how realistic the iron is,.

I am very impressed with the quality and size of this set , myself and the children give this a big thumbs up.

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Toys R Us Toyologist Review Don't Laugh

When we first opened this game the children quickly went off the idea of playing and wanted to prank everyone with the funny sounds microphone.

So we decided to try again on a different occasion we set the game up and got started inside the box you get :-
200 joke cards
a magic microphone
playing board
4 playing pieces
and the all important instructions

The game is for 2-4 players and ages 8+ which I agree totally with maybe a little older

The microphone makes lots of noises from farting,belching cackling to funny voice changing

As Michael is only 6 and there is 5 of us here we decided me and him would play as one player,
to be totally honest the jokes were very similar to Christmas cracker jokes and the children got all hyped up trying to make each other laugh that the game actually got rather lost.

The aim of the game is to make the other players laugh and for every player that laughs you get to move spaces forward.

The children had more fun with the microphone on its own rather than playing the game, they just didnt get into it at all maybe the microphone is too much fun to want to read the jokes,as the children have wanted to play with this alone on several occasions but not with the game.

I have to say though I think teenagers or even adults would probably have lots of fun with it.

Don't Laugh is available from Toys R Us at £19.99

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Pig Goes Pop Toyologist Review

We were sent Pig Goes Pop  as part of the Toys R Us UK Toyologist programme, our family love games so we hoped this would be fun,

The game is for ages 4 and up and 2-6 players,
Available from Toys R Us   £16.99

In the box you get your Piggy chef, 4 green , 4 red , 4 yellow and 4 purple burgers, and a dice.
The instructions are all on the box which I think is a great idea.


hippety hop and piddly pop
we've got this pig who's name is pop
you feed him his dinner
to find out the winner

with the roll of a dice
you don't have to think twice
the colour decides
who's dinner is nice

when his shirt flies open
you know when to stop
cos this poor little pig
has just gone POP

it really is fun
you can play with your mum
but when he's ate to much
its time to run

with dad and his lad
or mother and daughter
pig goes pop
is more fun than
it ought-er

This game is great for all ages we have had lots of fun playing and it has been used many times and big bonus is that it takes no batteries, great family fun which I'm sure everyone will enjoy.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Galt make your own lip gloss Toyologist review

Sophie my 8 year old was really excited to give this a try

We thought the lip gloss was very easy to make and she really enjoyed making it.

Available instore at Toys R Us

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Friday, 5 August 2011

Drayton Manor Review

We were so lucky to be one of the lucky members of The Baby Website to  be selected to go and review Drayton Manor, which has a theme park, zoo, farm and Thomas land.

My mum  decided to come along with us we looked online for prices and found it was much cheaper to pre-book online.

The morning of our visit arrived and we all got up really early as it was a 100 miles to travel, the sun was out so off we went, but as we were driving down the motorway the clouds darker which made me really nervous, then it started raining but it soon passed over.

We arrived just after 9.30am, it really wasn't busy and parking was very easy although the car park is huge so I could imagine it would get really busy during school holidays.
We had the pick of entrance booths as they were empty, a great start to our visit.

The park opens an hour before the rides start which gives you a chance to explore, so we visited the zoo, this was open already, they had a good variety of animals and you were pretty close to them,
The children loved meerkat manor.

Next we visited Dino trail which was fantastic we all loved it, plus really good as the children love Dinosaurs, I do think they could have had a bit of dinosaur roars playing in the background, as would have made the world of difference though still brilliant.

The train station is just across the way from Dino trail,  we walked over and were second in the queue,
 we were delighted to see THOMAS turn up to take us back to the Thomas land , the driver was very friendly and happy waving to all the children .

We arrived in Thomas Land,  this was pretty quiet as it was only about 11am the children went on quite a few rides and  the most we queued for was 10 minutes,  it was starting to get busy and was good to see lots of staff around telling older teenage children were not allowed inside Thomas land without an adult which I thought was really good.                                            

We walked down to the 4d cinema which the queue again was only small, so we waited and then were sent through to another room which was absolute mayhem,  there was NO where to form a queue it was just everyman for himself and no organisation what so ever, I do think something should be done about this as more and more people were coming in and just all pushing towards a door which was locked and it was quite frightening for the younger children.

Michael and Sophie wanted to go on the new Ben 10 ride and as we hadn't really spent much time waiting we assumed the queue wouldn't be too long and joined it how wrong were we!!!
We waited well over an hour in the line and you didn't know how long you would be, you just kept going round a corner and seeing more people, I do think some form of time signs should be in place as  people just didn't know how long the queue was, then it was finally our turn and the ride itself was brilliant.

We got something to eat a foot long hot dog and a bottle of pop costing £4.99 which I thought was very  reasonable and they tasted great too.

The toilets were really good, you were never far from one which I thought was great as some places you have to walk miles not here you always had one nearby.

The children went on quite a few rides early on, but once the afternoon came it was much slower as we wasted a lot of time in queues, which we didn't have a clue how long we would wait for.

The haunted house was a long wait with only a handful of people going in every 10/15 minutes, when we got inside they played a video.
I was very annoyed that a problem happened and the staff actually swore and my children heard them even though it was said behind a counter it was said loud enough for them to hear, this really shocked me as I'm sure staff are trained to behave in a reasonable manner as its a children's theme park, this was a major let down.

The children picked the final ride and dragged dad onto Stormforce 10 which was a fantastic log flume ride I think this was the highlight of the day as they all loved getting wet and said it was the best ride of the day.

There are also lots of places as your walking around to try and win a prize, which are virtually impossible we tried lots and only won on the ones which said prize every time,  we are usually pretty good at these.. we wasted quite a lot of money on these so I would try and steer clear.

The last ride was at 5pm which I thought was really early as we didn't cover all the park with queuing up for lots of Rides in the afternoon.

We had a fantastic day out at Drayton Manor and the new hotel looks great (nearly complete)
I don't think I would like to visit during school holidays though as I think it would be far to busy for my little ones, maybe older children wouldn't mind as much but little ones get a little impatient when waiting around.

Also some simple things could improve  visits immensely like time markers in queues, as we wouldnt have waited for some things. 

Myself and the children all enjoyed our day out at Drayton Manor and will defiantly be returning to do the things we missed .

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO READ MORE REVIEWS on Drayton manor and other Days out from other members of click HERE.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Toys R Us Toyologist ~ Harumika Designer Dress Form Set ~ Review

Price is only £19.99 from Toys R Us

Harumika Sophie really couldn't wait to get started on this, we waited for the boys to be out playing so me and her could have some girly time together.

Contents of the box

Included in the box :-
2 dress forms,  
4 pieces of fabric,
a stylus tool,
lots of stickers,
 a belt which can be used as many different things,
and also the instructions shaped in a heart which really impressed Sophie.

The instructions were very easy to follow and it took no time at all before Sophie made some fantastic designs,

The 2 dress forms are very sturdy and will stand up to being played with.

You don't need glue or anything else other than whats included in the box although Sophie did want more material which we made ourselves you can purchase these separate with more accessories.

Using the stylus tool is really easy.

Since Sophie started playing with this it has been used numerous times and I would highly recommend it
she has created some fantastic outfits and has also said how easy it is.

Sophie gives this a definite thumbs up as she can do something so grown up all alone

I think this is great it can be used over and over which is a great idea a gets the imagination going,
it's so easy to add extra material or you can always purchase them Here.

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