Friday, 5 August 2011

Drayton Manor Review

We were so lucky to be one of the lucky members of The Baby Website to  be selected to go and review Drayton Manor, which has a theme park, zoo, farm and Thomas land.

My mum  decided to come along with us we looked online for prices and found it was much cheaper to pre-book online.

The morning of our visit arrived and we all got up really early as it was a 100 miles to travel, the sun was out so off we went, but as we were driving down the motorway the clouds darker which made me really nervous, then it started raining but it soon passed over.

We arrived just after 9.30am, it really wasn't busy and parking was very easy although the car park is huge so I could imagine it would get really busy during school holidays.
We had the pick of entrance booths as they were empty, a great start to our visit.

The park opens an hour before the rides start which gives you a chance to explore, so we visited the zoo, this was open already, they had a good variety of animals and you were pretty close to them,
The children loved meerkat manor.

Next we visited Dino trail which was fantastic we all loved it, plus really good as the children love Dinosaurs, I do think they could have had a bit of dinosaur roars playing in the background, as would have made the world of difference though still brilliant.

The train station is just across the way from Dino trail,  we walked over and were second in the queue,
 we were delighted to see THOMAS turn up to take us back to the Thomas land , the driver was very friendly and happy waving to all the children .

We arrived in Thomas Land,  this was pretty quiet as it was only about 11am the children went on quite a few rides and  the most we queued for was 10 minutes,  it was starting to get busy and was good to see lots of staff around telling older teenage children were not allowed inside Thomas land without an adult which I thought was really good.                                            

We walked down to the 4d cinema which the queue again was only small, so we waited and then were sent through to another room which was absolute mayhem,  there was NO where to form a queue it was just everyman for himself and no organisation what so ever, I do think something should be done about this as more and more people were coming in and just all pushing towards a door which was locked and it was quite frightening for the younger children.

Michael and Sophie wanted to go on the new Ben 10 ride and as we hadn't really spent much time waiting we assumed the queue wouldn't be too long and joined it how wrong were we!!!
We waited well over an hour in the line and you didn't know how long you would be, you just kept going round a corner and seeing more people, I do think some form of time signs should be in place as  people just didn't know how long the queue was, then it was finally our turn and the ride itself was brilliant.

We got something to eat a foot long hot dog and a bottle of pop costing £4.99 which I thought was very  reasonable and they tasted great too.

The toilets were really good, you were never far from one which I thought was great as some places you have to walk miles not here you always had one nearby.

The children went on quite a few rides early on, but once the afternoon came it was much slower as we wasted a lot of time in queues, which we didn't have a clue how long we would wait for.

The haunted house was a long wait with only a handful of people going in every 10/15 minutes, when we got inside they played a video.
I was very annoyed that a problem happened and the staff actually swore and my children heard them even though it was said behind a counter it was said loud enough for them to hear, this really shocked me as I'm sure staff are trained to behave in a reasonable manner as its a children's theme park, this was a major let down.

The children picked the final ride and dragged dad onto Stormforce 10 which was a fantastic log flume ride I think this was the highlight of the day as they all loved getting wet and said it was the best ride of the day.

There are also lots of places as your walking around to try and win a prize, which are virtually impossible we tried lots and only won on the ones which said prize every time,  we are usually pretty good at these.. we wasted quite a lot of money on these so I would try and steer clear.

The last ride was at 5pm which I thought was really early as we didn't cover all the park with queuing up for lots of Rides in the afternoon.

We had a fantastic day out at Drayton Manor and the new hotel looks great (nearly complete)
I don't think I would like to visit during school holidays though as I think it would be far to busy for my little ones, maybe older children wouldn't mind as much but little ones get a little impatient when waiting around.

Also some simple things could improve  visits immensely like time markers in queues, as we wouldnt have waited for some things. 

Myself and the children all enjoyed our day out at Drayton Manor and will defiantly be returning to do the things we missed .

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  1. I've not been to Drayton Mannor since before I had children so about 10 years ago! but we're goign to be going to review it too soon can't wait :)

  2. I don't usually comment on reviews - but just read this and found it spot on with our trip there last week! I wish I had read it before we went - the wait for Ben10 was just awful!! I think the wait is so long because they don't fill up the ride. There was a group of 6 in front of us that wanted to go on together so, instead of just making 4 of them go on, the man just started the ride and we all stood for another 10 minutes!! This is ridiculous - i could understand if you were all going to sit together, or even a group photo on the ride, but you have to sit in twos anyway, so a pretty pointless wait for everyone. I think they should just fill it up every time!!

    Thank you for your review, very honest!

    Bex x