Monday, 26 September 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Megazord, Toyologist Review

We received power rangers samurai megazord in our  Toys R Us Toyologist box and to be honest I really didn't think the children would like it as none of them have ever been into Power rangers at all, but Michael jumped at it and to say that this has been put to the test is a understatement

The box is a good size as is the figure, and  has the pictures of the 5 zords that are included to make up your samurai megazord.

The conversion from zords to megazord was really simple and even my 4 year old nephew could do it without help, all the pieces are a good size so children can handle them with ease, we have had a few problems were pieces have popped off the zords but these are click back onto them with very little effort.

The children have really enjoyed playing with this and I have found it great because if more than 1 child wants to play you can use it as the zords which include an apezord, turtlezord, lionzord, bearzord and dragonzord. you can also get additional zords separately to create an ultimate megazord which looks fantastic.

I can honestly say I would never have bought a power rangers toy, but now will definitely be buying another the children have not tired with this at all.

Power Rangers Samurai is available from Toys R Us  for £29.99

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I stink, time to change

I am actually embarrassed to say I smoke 20 cigarettes a day, and now more than ever it is such a bad habit it's unsociable and frowned upon.
My children have been learning about the bad things to do with smoking in school and have been on at me to stop smoking,
I've heard what poison I'm putting into my body and how much it is shortening my life and also how much my clothes and hair STINK, and have also worked out how much myself and my husband yes he smokes too actually burn in a year.

When Thomas asked me and his dad would we put that amount in a pile in the garden and set it on fire, we both replied don't be silly but actually we are doing just that by lighting up each cigarette.

I have never been a heavy smoker until my life went into turmoil and I smoked a lot more in fact I have always thought I could stop but just never been the right time but will the time ever be right.

After doing some research I have decided to invest in an electronic cigarette and share my experience on my blog as I will have to post if I fail miserably and I really don't want to let myself down or my children, so my QUITTING starts here,

Today I have received my dispatch email that my new found friend (electric cigarette) is on its way, so hopefully it will arrive tomorrow ready for starting this week,
wish me luck although I hope I won't be needing it.

My electronic cigarette arrived and I had ordered a few different strengths in the menthol drops,to be honest the first 2 days I felt really scatty, and tired I have now reduced to zero nicotine and I think I have done pretty good, a few blips but only 1 cigarette each day which is rather cool if I do say so myself, I have been a bit of a cow to say the least though.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Time flies

I actually cannot believe that I'm viewing high schools this week for my baby boy it really doesn't seem like 5 minutes since I was giving birth, in fact since I did my pregnancy test and being terrified to tell my mum and dad  even though I was engaged to be married and had my own house.
now he's in his final year at primary school, I do already know which school I want him to attend but once I've filled the application form in the education authority would sooner make me sweat and panic for the next 6 months before they release the results and put me out of my misery.

my beautiful boy growing up so fast
WHY? when the applications have to be in by October does it take until march to give a reply, as if us mums and dads are not panicking enough about our babies going into high school, and yes I know he will be fine but it just seems such a big step for my boy to me he's still little and innocent and I don't really want him to grow up, Is it really wrong to feel this way over my sweet innocent boy.

Well I can only hope and pray that he gets his place into the school we want, I think I may be totally grey by march maybe wearing a little white coat.

FurReal Cookie My Playful Pup Review

The day cookie arrived at our home the 3 children greeted the delivery driver whom was laughing as cookie was barking all the way here and the children thought it was amazing that something was making so much noise inside this parcel.

The boys were a little unhappy as cookie had a pink collar would be an idea to supply a pink and blue collar and let the children choose which colour they would like.

The packaging is really attractive, a lovely big box and cookie was easily unpacked.

On opening cookie puppy we discovered you had 3 settings on/demo/off, and cookie takes 4 C batteries but comes with them already supplied so a bonus.

Michael my 6 year old fell in love very quickly with cookie and had cookie sat watching TV while he was playing.

Sophie who is 8 has played with Cookie the most making beds for her and taking her walks in her pram and she loves the fact that cookie barks and wags her tail and also responds to her voice.

Thomas Who's 10 hasn't really played much with her I would say that the pink collar had a lot to do with this as i think he was worried what his friends would say, but when he has played with her he has really enjoyed it.

My 2 nephews Callum 4 and Dylan 2 absolutely adore her and treat her like a real dog they think she is fantastic and she is always played with when they come round to visit.

Now for mums opinion

THE GOOD POINTS:-  I love the way she turns to her toy, this is a really good idea and that it gets the children's imagination going, they have really enjoyed playing with her.
big bonus No poop and the children can switch it off once they have finished playing unlike a real dog.

THE NOT SO GOOD POINTS:- she molts and for the price I would expect her to do a little more. although sophie and her friends would disagree as they have played lot's with cookie.

Our overall experience has been a good one with cookie and I would recommend her for children of all ages, she does exactly what the box says and I'm sure she will be played with lots more in our home.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Real construction deluxe starter kit Toyologist review

When Real Construction deluxe starter kit arrived we were very excited and the boys could not wait to put it to the test.
Real Construction really surprised me with the kid wood which is made from foam and all the tools, nails and screws are made of plastic, I think this is a fantastic idea.

In your box you get a good variety of items in fact 125+ pieces including saws, screwdrivers, hammer the list goes on, I have to say you get a good quantity for your money this set is £29.99 at Toys R Us and you can also buy additional tools, accessories and refill sets which is great.

When me and the boys opened up the box we quickly discovered that the instructions were only a guide, so I advised the boys they would definatly be better waiting for dad to help with this they agreed as dad is a joiner.

Dad soon got the boys to work, they found the nails quite hard to hammer in even though the wood was foam and that when knocking a new nail in the previous one would work loose, but this was really simple to resolve by just pushing them back in with your finger.

The tools are very easy to use but even though they are plastic they are still sharp as we discovered when Thomas cut is finger with the saw but I'm sure this would have been a lot worse if they had been metal ones.

Thomas is a very creative boy so he really enjoyed the Real construction workshop and had made a boat and is currently making a keepsake box for his bits and bobs.

Our experience with this workshop has been a pretty positive one, we would recommend for children who love to use there imagination and do practical hands on work.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

LeapPad Explorer Toys R Us Toyologist Review

The leapPad Explorer is set to be a Big hit this Christmas and I can honestly see why now after seeing it first hand.

This has been reviewed by a range of different ages from 10 down to 4 even my 2 year old nephew has given it a whirl, the touch screen is a great feature as so easy to use.

The LeapPad is available in green and pink from Toys R Us and takes 4AA batteries although you will be able to purchase an adaptor plug which will save on batteries.

It comes with  a few apps already installed but once your up and running you can download more apps online, which you can buy a gift card to do so which is a great idea as you can buy extras for birthdays,
The apps are price from £5 to £19.99 which is very reasonable, as some consoles your paying around £40 a game.

You can also use any of the existing Leapster explorer games with the LeapPad,

The LeapPad has so many great features Including a camera, video camera, microphone and so much more its really hard not to like this,

Michael has been struggling with his writing and you have games to practice this which has helped immensely, you can also watch videos so brilliant for car journeys also you can purchase Ebooks which have different levels for the children they can listen or read a long which we found very useful.

There really is so much you can do with the LeapPad and I definitely wasn't disappointed  the only think I could actually comment on was that maybe the corners would have been better being rubber incase of accidents as we all know how easily little ones drop things but Toys R Us will be selling skins and cases soon to protect it which I definatley think is essential .

We all had lots of fun and it has been played with endlessly and was the first thing the children picked up when we were going away to take with them.

I really know that this will be a massive hit with any child and parent as its a great learning console which can be set for your childs age.

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The good, The bad and The ugly

Yesterday my children returned to school and they were really nervous what would the new teachers be like, so much so we had many trips to the toilet and butterfly tummy's, off they went all smartly dressed in their new uniforms, Thomas entering his final year at primary school Sophie going into year 4 and Michael has entered his final infant year.

I really couldn't wait for 3.30 to arrive as Thomas said he had the schools worst teacher but I am always of the opinion that you should make your own opinion of someone but I cant say that this didn't worry me, Sophie had the fun teacher so she was rubbing salt into Thomas's wound which didn't make it any easier on him and Michael has a fantastic teacher.

well me and Chris both stood waiting for Michael and he came out smiling really loved his new Teacher and class room yay 1 down 2 to go, Sophie was next out and she was also smiling which we knew she would be and she really didn't bond with her teachers last year so was thankful in July that the year was over, we stood nervously waiting for Thomas to watch his expression would the tears have turned to smiles?
Thomas appeared and he grabbed my hand and said Mum you were right she is nice and she even said she can be strict but likes to have fun as long as the works done so JACKPOT  3 happy children I really couldn't ask for more lets hope it stays that way.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Galt ~ Sparkle Jewellery ~ Toys R Us Toyologist Review

Galt Sparkle jewellery ages 5+

The Galt sparkle jewellery, is a really great creative toy Sophie really enjoyed making her jewellery , and it can be purchased for £5.99 In store at Toys R Us 

You are supplied with plenty of assorted beads and stickers and two different yarns to thread which would make several items,

The beads themselves have a good sized hole in them for easy threading, and come in many shapes and sizes.

Inside the box you get a plastic holder to keep all the beads in and this also has a channel at the edge to lay out your design which was much easier

Once you have designed your item of jewellery all that left to do is make it and that was done really quickly we did put a loose knot at one end so the beads didn't fall off seemed much easier this way.

Once Sophie had finished making her bracelet she added a lovely sticker which you get quite a few of in various designs, she was very pleased with her finished piece of jewellery and has worn it lots and it has lasted too.

This is a lovely inexpensive toy which my little girl really enjoyed doing, and has kept her busy during the holidays on rainy days, we would say this one should definitely be added to you christmas list.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Pass The Bomb Toyologist Review ~ love this game ~

Pass The Bomb arrived in our 3rd toyologist box and we couldn't wait to give it a try.

In the box you get :-
A Bomb, 55 picture cards and instructions.

(the bomb takes 2 aaa batteries not included)

I put the batteries in the bomb and got off to a bad start as the screw wouldn't tighten again but i just placed a little sticky tape to hold it closed and this has worked, I do think that maybe this was my  fault and i may have cross-threaded it.

The game is very simple and great fun, you put 10 cards face down in the centre and then the person holding the bomb turns the top card over at the same time as pressing the button on the bomb, you have to say something that is connected to the card, each person passes the bomb to the next after they have said something the person who the bomb goes off on gets that card,

The WINNER is the person with the least cards at the end.

I highly recommend this game as it has only been in our house for a week and has been played with lots and all the children in our street have really enjoyed it,

This got thumbs up from both adults and children a game that is simple but lots of fun for all ages to play.

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The Fearsome Beastie a brilliant childrens book

I am a big fan of children's books and when author Giles Paley-Phillips contacted us and asked us to review his book I was more than happy.

We try and read to the children most days and they also read to us, this book arrived and I decided this would be the Bedtime story for that evening.

What can I say The Fearsome Beastie had us all at the edge of our seats I love the way it rhymes, the story is truly fantastic, with amazing illustrations,

The following day my nephews came to visit who are 2 and 4 and they sat amazed as Sophie read them the story so its a great book for young and older children.

I don't want to tell you all about the story as would hate to ruin it for you but will give a little,

The fearsome Beastie is searching for something to eat and children are at the top of the menu,
will they be fooled or can Pete's granny save the day?

The RRP of this book is a mere £5.99 and worth every penny I will definitely buy more of Giles Paley-Phillips books  as the children have read it over and over and enjoy it every time.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Badge It, Toys R Us, Toyologist review

age 6+

When this arrived in our Toys R Us  Toyologist box, I really thought Badge It looked quite complicated and maybe a bit bulky to make little badges, but the colour was really funky with the clear casing to see what was happening was a great idea.

The machine is very sturdy and well made and easily used by children.

Thomas decided he would go first to make his badge and done it in no time, as did Sophie, Michael who's 6 had a little helping hand just to get the pieces the correct way around but managed fine.
The children really enjoyed making there badges you get enough accessories to make 15 badges but they quickly ran out , so I would definitely recommend getting a refill set also.


Badge It, Badge It
what a gadget
the way it works
is kinda magic

With 15 designs
this really is fun
you can even make
a badge for mum

You put all your bits
into the draw
you've never seen
nothing like this before

you twist the top
until it goes Pop
and out comes the bling
to make the kids sing.

This is great to keep the children busy they all really enjoyed making badges for each other and mummie even got 1 so very happy.

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