Thursday, 1 September 2011

Badge It, Toys R Us, Toyologist review

age 6+

When this arrived in our Toys R Us  Toyologist box, I really thought Badge It looked quite complicated and maybe a bit bulky to make little badges, but the colour was really funky with the clear casing to see what was happening was a great idea.

The machine is very sturdy and well made and easily used by children.

Thomas decided he would go first to make his badge and done it in no time, as did Sophie, Michael who's 6 had a little helping hand just to get the pieces the correct way around but managed fine.
The children really enjoyed making there badges you get enough accessories to make 15 badges but they quickly ran out , so I would definitely recommend getting a refill set also.


Badge It, Badge It
what a gadget
the way it works
is kinda magic

With 15 designs
this really is fun
you can even make
a badge for mum

You put all your bits
into the draw
you've never seen
nothing like this before

you twist the top
until it goes Pop
and out comes the bling
to make the kids sing.

This is great to keep the children busy they all really enjoyed making badges for each other and mummie even got 1 so very happy.

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