Friday, 2 September 2011

The Fearsome Beastie a brilliant childrens book

I am a big fan of children's books and when author Giles Paley-Phillips contacted us and asked us to review his book I was more than happy.

We try and read to the children most days and they also read to us, this book arrived and I decided this would be the Bedtime story for that evening.

What can I say The Fearsome Beastie had us all at the edge of our seats I love the way it rhymes, the story is truly fantastic, with amazing illustrations,

The following day my nephews came to visit who are 2 and 4 and they sat amazed as Sophie read them the story so its a great book for young and older children.

I don't want to tell you all about the story as would hate to ruin it for you but will give a little,

The fearsome Beastie is searching for something to eat and children are at the top of the menu,
will they be fooled or can Pete's granny save the day?

The RRP of this book is a mere £5.99 and worth every penny I will definitely buy more of Giles Paley-Phillips books  as the children have read it over and over and enjoy it every time.

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