Monday, 19 September 2011

FurReal Cookie My Playful Pup Review

The day cookie arrived at our home the 3 children greeted the delivery driver whom was laughing as cookie was barking all the way here and the children thought it was amazing that something was making so much noise inside this parcel.

The boys were a little unhappy as cookie had a pink collar would be an idea to supply a pink and blue collar and let the children choose which colour they would like.

The packaging is really attractive, a lovely big box and cookie was easily unpacked.

On opening cookie puppy we discovered you had 3 settings on/demo/off, and cookie takes 4 C batteries but comes with them already supplied so a bonus.

Michael my 6 year old fell in love very quickly with cookie and had cookie sat watching TV while he was playing.

Sophie who is 8 has played with Cookie the most making beds for her and taking her walks in her pram and she loves the fact that cookie barks and wags her tail and also responds to her voice.

Thomas Who's 10 hasn't really played much with her I would say that the pink collar had a lot to do with this as i think he was worried what his friends would say, but when he has played with her he has really enjoyed it.

My 2 nephews Callum 4 and Dylan 2 absolutely adore her and treat her like a real dog they think she is fantastic and she is always played with when they come round to visit.

Now for mums opinion

THE GOOD POINTS:-  I love the way she turns to her toy, this is a really good idea and that it gets the children's imagination going, they have really enjoyed playing with her.
big bonus No poop and the children can switch it off once they have finished playing unlike a real dog.

THE NOT SO GOOD POINTS:- she molts and for the price I would expect her to do a little more. although sophie and her friends would disagree as they have played lot's with cookie.

Our overall experience has been a good one with cookie and I would recommend her for children of all ages, she does exactly what the box says and I'm sure she will be played with lots more in our home.

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