Sunday, 4 September 2011

Galt ~ Sparkle Jewellery ~ Toys R Us Toyologist Review

Galt Sparkle jewellery ages 5+

The Galt sparkle jewellery, is a really great creative toy Sophie really enjoyed making her jewellery , and it can be purchased for £5.99 In store at Toys R Us 

You are supplied with plenty of assorted beads and stickers and two different yarns to thread which would make several items,

The beads themselves have a good sized hole in them for easy threading, and come in many shapes and sizes.

Inside the box you get a plastic holder to keep all the beads in and this also has a channel at the edge to lay out your design which was much easier

Once you have designed your item of jewellery all that left to do is make it and that was done really quickly we did put a loose knot at one end so the beads didn't fall off seemed much easier this way.

Once Sophie had finished making her bracelet she added a lovely sticker which you get quite a few of in various designs, she was very pleased with her finished piece of jewellery and has worn it lots and it has lasted too.

This is a lovely inexpensive toy which my little girl really enjoyed doing, and has kept her busy during the holidays on rainy days, we would say this one should definitely be added to you christmas list.

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