Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The good, The bad and The ugly

Yesterday my children returned to school and they were really nervous what would the new teachers be like, so much so we had many trips to the toilet and butterfly tummy's, off they went all smartly dressed in their new uniforms, Thomas entering his final year at primary school Sophie going into year 4 and Michael has entered his final infant year.

I really couldn't wait for 3.30 to arrive as Thomas said he had the schools worst teacher but I am always of the opinion that you should make your own opinion of someone but I cant say that this didn't worry me, Sophie had the fun teacher so she was rubbing salt into Thomas's wound which didn't make it any easier on him and Michael has a fantastic teacher.

well me and Chris both stood waiting for Michael and he came out smiling really loved his new Teacher and class room yay 1 down 2 to go, Sophie was next out and she was also smiling which we knew she would be and she really didn't bond with her teachers last year so was thankful in July that the year was over, we stood nervously waiting for Thomas to watch his expression would the tears have turned to smiles?
Thomas appeared and he grabbed my hand and said Mum you were right she is nice and she even said she can be strict but likes to have fun as long as the works done so JACKPOT  3 happy children I really couldn't ask for more lets hope it stays that way.

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