Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I stink, time to change

I am actually embarrassed to say I smoke 20 cigarettes a day, and now more than ever it is such a bad habit it's unsociable and frowned upon.
My children have been learning about the bad things to do with smoking in school and have been on at me to stop smoking,
I've heard what poison I'm putting into my body and how much it is shortening my life and also how much my clothes and hair STINK, and have also worked out how much myself and my husband yes he smokes too actually burn in a year.

When Thomas asked me and his dad would we put that amount in a pile in the garden and set it on fire, we both replied don't be silly but actually we are doing just that by lighting up each cigarette.

I have never been a heavy smoker until my life went into turmoil and I smoked a lot more in fact I have always thought I could stop but just never been the right time but will the time ever be right.

After doing some research I have decided to invest in an electronic cigarette and share my experience on my blog as I will have to post if I fail miserably and I really don't want to let myself down or my children, so my QUITTING starts here,

Today I have received my dispatch email that my new found friend (electric cigarette) is on its way, so hopefully it will arrive tomorrow ready for starting this week,
wish me luck although I hope I won't be needing it.

My electronic cigarette arrived and I had ordered a few different strengths in the menthol drops,to be honest the first 2 days I felt really scatty, and tired I have now reduced to zero nicotine and I think I have done pretty good, a few blips but only 1 cigarette each day which is rather cool if I do say so myself, I have been a bit of a cow to say the least though.


  1. This is great! I've been looking online for Electric Cigarette reviews and testimonials and I stumbled onto your blog. Thanks for the great post, and congratulations on making it without real cigarettes for a few days. I'll have to come back and check on your progress, good luck!

  2. Thanks I have had a few set backs,lack of will power, but im going away tomorrow and will be staying in a hotel for a few days so my electronic cigarette is packed and i'm going to come back a none smoker fingers crossed anyway
    Goodluck with try to quit