Saturday, 10 September 2011

LeapPad Explorer Toys R Us Toyologist Review

The leapPad Explorer is set to be a Big hit this Christmas and I can honestly see why now after seeing it first hand.

This has been reviewed by a range of different ages from 10 down to 4 even my 2 year old nephew has given it a whirl, the touch screen is a great feature as so easy to use.

The LeapPad is available in green and pink from Toys R Us and takes 4AA batteries although you will be able to purchase an adaptor plug which will save on batteries.

It comes with  a few apps already installed but once your up and running you can download more apps online, which you can buy a gift card to do so which is a great idea as you can buy extras for birthdays,
The apps are price from £5 to £19.99 which is very reasonable, as some consoles your paying around £40 a game.

You can also use any of the existing Leapster explorer games with the LeapPad,

The LeapPad has so many great features Including a camera, video camera, microphone and so much more its really hard not to like this,

Michael has been struggling with his writing and you have games to practice this which has helped immensely, you can also watch videos so brilliant for car journeys also you can purchase Ebooks which have different levels for the children they can listen or read a long which we found very useful.

There really is so much you can do with the LeapPad and I definitely wasn't disappointed  the only think I could actually comment on was that maybe the corners would have been better being rubber incase of accidents as we all know how easily little ones drop things but Toys R Us will be selling skins and cases soon to protect it which I definatley think is essential .

We all had lots of fun and it has been played with endlessly and was the first thing the children picked up when we were going away to take with them.

I really know that this will be a massive hit with any child and parent as its a great learning console which can be set for your childs age.

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  1. Thank you for your review - were weighing this up for x-mas for our 3 year old.

  2. thank you paula it is really good and the children were showing me how it works my 2 year old nephew had lots of fun with it too x

  3. Ooh its between that or the toddler tag... choices! Thank you though for your help :)