Friday, 2 September 2011

Pass The Bomb Toyologist Review ~ love this game ~

Pass The Bomb arrived in our 3rd toyologist box and we couldn't wait to give it a try.

In the box you get :-
A Bomb, 55 picture cards and instructions.

(the bomb takes 2 aaa batteries not included)

I put the batteries in the bomb and got off to a bad start as the screw wouldn't tighten again but i just placed a little sticky tape to hold it closed and this has worked, I do think that maybe this was my  fault and i may have cross-threaded it.

The game is very simple and great fun, you put 10 cards face down in the centre and then the person holding the bomb turns the top card over at the same time as pressing the button on the bomb, you have to say something that is connected to the card, each person passes the bomb to the next after they have said something the person who the bomb goes off on gets that card,

The WINNER is the person with the least cards at the end.

I highly recommend this game as it has only been in our house for a week and has been played with lots and all the children in our street have really enjoyed it,

This got thumbs up from both adults and children a game that is simple but lots of fun for all ages to play.

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