Monday, 26 September 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Megazord, Toyologist Review

We received power rangers samurai megazord in our  Toys R Us Toyologist box and to be honest I really didn't think the children would like it as none of them have ever been into Power rangers at all, but Michael jumped at it and to say that this has been put to the test is a understatement

The box is a good size as is the figure, and  has the pictures of the 5 zords that are included to make up your samurai megazord.

The conversion from zords to megazord was really simple and even my 4 year old nephew could do it without help, all the pieces are a good size so children can handle them with ease, we have had a few problems were pieces have popped off the zords but these are click back onto them with very little effort.

The children have really enjoyed playing with this and I have found it great because if more than 1 child wants to play you can use it as the zords which include an apezord, turtlezord, lionzord, bearzord and dragonzord. you can also get additional zords separately to create an ultimate megazord which looks fantastic.

I can honestly say I would never have bought a power rangers toy, but now will definitely be buying another the children have not tired with this at all.

Power Rangers Samurai is available from Toys R Us  for £29.99

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