Friday, 16 September 2011

Real construction deluxe starter kit Toyologist review

When Real Construction deluxe starter kit arrived we were very excited and the boys could not wait to put it to the test.
Real Construction really surprised me with the kid wood which is made from foam and all the tools, nails and screws are made of plastic, I think this is a fantastic idea.

In your box you get a good variety of items in fact 125+ pieces including saws, screwdrivers, hammer the list goes on, I have to say you get a good quantity for your money this set is £29.99 at Toys R Us and you can also buy additional tools, accessories and refill sets which is great.

When me and the boys opened up the box we quickly discovered that the instructions were only a guide, so I advised the boys they would definatly be better waiting for dad to help with this they agreed as dad is a joiner.

Dad soon got the boys to work, they found the nails quite hard to hammer in even though the wood was foam and that when knocking a new nail in the previous one would work loose, but this was really simple to resolve by just pushing them back in with your finger.

The tools are very easy to use but even though they are plastic they are still sharp as we discovered when Thomas cut is finger with the saw but I'm sure this would have been a lot worse if they had been metal ones.

Thomas is a very creative boy so he really enjoyed the Real construction workshop and had made a boat and is currently making a keepsake box for his bits and bobs.

Our experience with this workshop has been a pretty positive one, we would recommend for children who love to use there imagination and do practical hands on work.

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