Friday, 28 October 2011

Roary The Racing car LIVE

Waiting for the train
 We really love going tho the Theatre so when we were given the chance to go and see Roary The Racing Car LIVE we jumped at it, we decided to get the train as all children love train journeys.

Southport Theatre is only a 10 minute walk from the station which was ideal for us, on arrival at the theatre we were greeted by very friendly staff and shown to were the show would be.

They had on sale little light up Roary wands which I thought were very expensive at £7 each especially when you have a few children with you also they had colouring books which were £3 each but the children did get one each, we also bought Popcorn and sweets, the Popcorn was vile not sure what was wrong with it but had a dreadful taste to it.

The children all got Peppa pig stickers would have thought roary would have been more appropriate but they were happy.

Once shown to our seats we really settled down and the show began, I did notice some people had to move because they were at the very front and could not see as the stage was high up but staff members quickly helped them to new seats, the theatre was less than half full and I did think to myself that it could be a lot fuller if the cost of going the theatre were less as the show would still be on and more money would be made, I know myself being a mum of 3 children once you spend X amount on ticket and then add up what you spend while there is works out very expensive. so it would work out better this way for both parties involved cheaper seats and fuller shows.

The show itself had a good variety with great characters, and the cars they were really good amazed at who good they were , I did wonder how they would do roary before we went but it was really good ,  Marsha was the only one as a person which was a little strange but it worked and the children didn't ask why.

The show was great and got all the children involved with lots of songs, Big Chris even threw big huge bouncy balls into the audience to bounce around while they were singing which was great the children really enjoyed it and quickly got into the swing of it all, they thought is was so funny when they got the water guns out and lots of people got WET, we were lucky it didn't reach us ha ha.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take picture during the show, which was a shame as would have liked to show what it was likeand how good the cars were.

We had a good variety of different aged children from 2 til 10 years and everyone enjoyed the show, I would recommend going to see this show as we had a really good day and everyone came home very happy.

I asked the children what they enjoyed about the day the balls and water guns were a favorite, I enjoyed the aspect of getting everyone involved instead of just watching.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My first Reborn so proud of myself

before and after painting
I booked myself on the Simply Reborn live class, a few months ago as this is something I have wanted to so for a long time.

The course takes place in Peterborough, and I am a bit of a home bird so as the days past my nerves really took hold, then it hit me I was going 4 hours on a train on my own and I didn't know a soul who was there, my train was at 12.50pm and on the morning that I was going I woke very early and felt ill with nerves, I even thought about not going but I knew I would regret it if I didn't go.

So I got myself onto the train and off I went, I arrived at the hotel that evening and hardly slept at all, I was meeting everyone in the hotel foyer at 8.30am and was up and ready hours before.
I walked to the foyer and the first person I met was a lady called Irene who had been on the course the year before as people arrived I thought to myself this is going to be good.


I met some people that I hope will be life long friends, Ruth and Karen who were teaching us and sharing all the knowledge they were amazing, and I cannot thank them enough.

I had the most amazing time and will be returning yes returning next october along with some friends I have met.

I recieved a certificate and a cup which was a major acheivement not only for completing the course but for actually making it there.

I really cannot thank the ladies who run the course and the other ladies enough as they made this a very special memory for me, I am already painting my second reborn baby.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Fantastic Light Strike Guns, Toyologist review

We had never heard of Light Strike gun before we received these in our Toys R Us  Toyologist Box and how glad I am that we discovered them.
We received the  Assault Striker G.A.R - 023 with 3 different attachments, the Light Strike Scope, the Bipod machine gun, the Grenade launcher we also received  the Light Strike Striker D.C.P - 013 gun which is a smaller gun but still just as much fun.

The assault striker has many fantastic feature from a finger print scanner, a shield, health meter you can also change your weapon using the weapon selector button all the attachments fit this gun and its totally awesome.

Light Strike is Laser Tag at home and I don't actually know a child that wouldn't love this, the only thing I would suggest is get all your children's friends to get one too as the more people the better.
You can have up to 4 different teams playing and it really does NOT matter how many on each team.
The attachments fit on very easily and can be quickly taken off in no longer needed, but make sure that your gun takes the attachments as they don't fit every gun.

With each gun you get your Target which clips onto your clothing make sure this is secure as it does have a tendency to pop off or you can also purchase a Target vest to keep it secure.

The Striker D.C.P - 013 gun has many features also and is great for smaller hands Michael my 6 year old loves this one and Thomas definitely prefers the larger one although the attachments do NOT fit this gun it's still a great gun to join in the game.

We have had Lot's of fun with these guns especially when its just going dark as you get great light up effects, most of the children's friends have asked for one of these for Christmas, so I am sure once we have a few more players they will be even better.

These definitely get our VOTE as they are such a fantastic toy and also keep children very active.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Living with Poland Syndrome

I myself had never heard of this condition so I best start at the beginning 10 years ago back in 2001 when my first son was born I noticed his chest seemed a little well lets say it looked like his ribs were out of shaped, every time I mentioned this to a medical professional I was made to feel like a paranoid first time mum, eventually after 2 years someone agreed to send him for an X-ray and we were told 2 of his ribs were fused together and not to worry, so off we went no more concerns.

As time went on my sons chest became more and more noticeable and I started to worry again as it seemed like a muscle was also missing, one evening me and my husband were watching TV and a programme was on and there it was  Poland Syndrome I was 99.9% sure,

Off we went to the GP and hospital and was told how rare this is and that because my son didn't have a hand defect it wouldn't be this, I then came across The Poland Syndrome support Group and was in touch with a lady called Lynn and she helped and supported me so much it was unbelievable we spoke for several months while I was trying to get a diagnosis for Thomas and decided enough was enough.

We decided to travel over 100 miles and pay private to see a Mr Bainbridge who has had lots of dealing with Poland Syndrome as soon as he looked at Thomas he confirmed that my thoughts were indeed correct and my son has Poland syndrome at this time I felt so angry with everyone who had made me out to be an erratic mother for nearly 10 years but happy that we now had a name for his chest.

Thomas has since seen many specialists at alder hey and they have checked that all his organs are in the correct place and I have been told that several ribs are fused which really angered me,
I guess this post is to raise awareness of Poland Syndrome and also raise awareness that Mums do know best after all.

Thomas's condition doesn't effect him in any other was other that his appearance and that doesn't really bother him and if it ever doesn't he can have surgery to change this but at the moment we are quite happy knowing that something can be done if and when he wants it done.

Totally lost my Mojo !!!

Well my confidence anyway, I left work nearly 11 years ago and have hidden in the Cyber land of socialising but a few months ago I booked myself on a course, the thing is the course is now very close and I have to travel and will be away from home for 4 days with no PC screen to hide behind.

When I booked the course I was feeling quite positive about it and now its nearly here to be totally honest I feel like I want to vomit, I feel like a little girl going out to the big wide world, yes I openly admit I have hidden behind the screen and my children and they won't be there to do it.

What happened to me, the girl that could walk into a room and not know a soul but still strut her stuff, she gradually disappeared as the mummy in me took over.

I so wish they sold bottles of confidence in the shops as I could do with a few
wish me luck I NEED IT !!!!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hang on just need to go the MONEY Tree !!!

I really wish Money did grow on tree's with everything the children want and WOW how much it cost's in school, costumes for this, money for that I find it hard to keep up.

Thomas needs £260 for a holiday with school.

I also have to start paying another Holiday with school for Sophie very shortly which is another £190.
When families are struggling its really hard, but could you say NO !!!

Maybe a little more fund raising for the Trips would suit more Families, like myself with 3 children and families are getting larger can us parents keep going.

Uniforms alone cost a fortune we have to have the schools pullovers and also the boys and girls have a summer and winter uniform so we 3 to buy its expensive.

With Christmas just around the corner and people are on budgets what money saving Tips do you have would be good if you could comment and share them with us.

Blood, Bones and Body Bits, Toyologist Review

We love experiments in our house so when this arrive in our Toys R Us  Toyologist Box we were delighted.

Blood, Bones and Body Bits  is a Horrible science product, this is the first time we have tried any of these and WOW how great this set is, such good fun but very educational at the same time.

In the box you get :-
A plastic brain shaped mold and stand
A heart model
2 heart tube
Green and red food colouring
A zip lock plastic bag
Plaster of paris
A stereoscope
A wooden stick
Piece of tube
A balloon
A funnel
An A3 disgusting digestion poster
finally a 32 page Top secret lab notebook (Instructions)

The notebook has all the information to carry out 8 different tasks (experiments) and the details are very clear on what to do so they are easy to follow my 3 need minimal assistance BUT be warned some of experiments are best done by a sink as they can be very messy but well worth it.

The experiments had my children glued to the set they range from Baffling brain experiments, eye popping eyeball to making a bottom burping machine, all of them are really good  fun.

The blood squirter experiment was a great way to show children and adults how the heart actually works the children found this so interesting and its great as hands on too.

We have really enjoyed the Blood, Bones and body bits set  and would highly recommend this for any young scientists who love to be hands are and experiment.

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

care concerns for the elderly in hospital

Today while I was watching the news, I was really shocked to see that Care for the elderly in hospital was alarming, This really isn't news and has been going on for sometime, and should have been addressed before now.
Elderly patients deserve dignity and proper care but seldom receive it, I know that cut backs and shortage of staff are a major concern but also there needs to be some form of organisation, I will use my lovely nan as an example
3 years ago at 88 my nan had hardly been ill she did have chronic kidney failure but she had a fall the doctors gave her 24 hours to live she was in a semi coma, then she was placed in a bed next to an alcoholic who was drunk and shouting and screaming, luckily my nan pulled through this.
and was placed on a different ward she fell while in hospital care yet again and was critically ill, she was also very confused which we pointed out on several occasions and also needed assisted feeding which was on her notes.
so lets see what happened one day, we arrived to be told she was being discharged, as she lives with her sister so wont be alone when asked were they got this information the reply was from her, the said sister had passed away 10 years before and my nan lived alone but still they refused to agree she was confused. so to me this is Not about being under staffed, on another occasion we walked in to find her with nearly a full dinner all over her and in bed were she had tried to feed herself  and on the table approx 13 tablets that someone had placed there for her to take throughout the day now wait for it a syringe with medication in was she supposed to do this herself to me this was pure neglect and its a shame this is happening more and more.

my nan sadly passed away during her hospital stay from C-diff which she contracted while she was in there care.

The place were this all happened received a good score on elderly care which makes me wonder what is happening in the other hospitals surely the elderly need some dignity and the best care possible,

What went wrong in these hospitals I really think matron should make a come back.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Toyologist Review

Two different Hot Wheels sets arrived in our Toys R Us  Toyologist Box Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter set and Daredevil curve, when we read that it could not be used on wallpaper we were very limited so thought we would try the wallpaper anyway but it wouldn't stick.
We also needed a corner to add the DareDevil curve to our Starter track so things were a little tricky but we decided that the hall was thy best place a we have 2 doors to the downstairs toilet so one would be out of use for a while.

The templates were very easy to follow and assembly was pretty straight forward, I also checked to see if any paint came off my wall when it was removed and all was well not a mark in sight.

As you can see from our video its a great size and more than one child can join in, I love the fact you can add more track and can also buy more cars so when people are stuck for something to buy for you little ones.

We have used Hot wheels before but this takes it to a whole new level and it is so neat and tidy which is great for mum.

I can highly recommend this as long as you have some walls not papered and you really cannot put an age limit on this as Dad had as much fun as my 4 year old nephew with this set.

We will definitely be adding more Wall Tracks to our collection and I can see my bathroom door being out of use for a good while yet.

Friday, 7 October 2011

The FLORIDA dream

I have always dreamt of taking my children to Florida but the time has never been right and the money, as being 5 of us the passes alone cost a BOMB, but we have decided that we need to put of the dreaming and book our dream, so we have and we are going to Florida next June which without realising when we booked it will be our 10th wedding anniversary while we are there, my husband actually got down on one knee many moons ago in front of sleeping beauty's castle and asked me to marry him so we have killed 2 bird with one stone,

We are all very excited and know we have to really cut back and save so much for this holiday, but it will all be worth it to see the children's faces when they meet Mickey Mouse.
The countdown begins !!!

Would your little one like to review a Dyson Hoover ??

This month I am looking for a guest Toys R Us, Toyologist to write a review on a Dyson hoover

The hoover is your little ones to keep all I ask in return is a detailed review to let people know what you think of this, simple really.

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Open to UK only  

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Star Wars ultimate Fx light saber Toyologist review

We are all massive Star Wars fans in our family so when we received the Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber Anakin Skywalker in our Toys R Us Toyologist box, I knew straight away this would be a massive hit.
The light saber is a great size and very realistic and the box it comes in is good as you can actually see the light saber before you buy it .

RRP £39.99

Michael quickly ran upstairs and came back as Darth Vader ready to put this to its ultimate Toyologist test, When you first turn it on the light shoots up the light saber and makes realistic sounds just as it does in the films, then when you swing it around you get a brilliant  swooshing sound and not forgetting when the light sabre makes contact with something you get even more sound effects its great, so like the ones in the movies.

I though it look a little fragile but the boys have proven me wrong as it has battled many times and still lives to see another day .
For the price which I think it is very reasonable as I have seen very similar ones that cost a lot more.

The handle is very truthful to the films and after many hours of use we still haven't had to change the batteries that were supplied with it.
Also when the lights are dimmed the colours were even more vibrant and realistic which the the boys loved.

This is a great toy and I think its good that you can get different coloured ones to have battles with, and this also a great addition for anyone who has a collection of Star Wars items my brother is a keen collector and has said he will be looking to get one of these as they are of high quality.

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