Saturday, 15 October 2011

Blood, Bones and Body Bits, Toyologist Review

We love experiments in our house so when this arrive in our Toys R Us  Toyologist Box we were delighted.

Blood, Bones and Body Bits  is a Horrible science product, this is the first time we have tried any of these and WOW how great this set is, such good fun but very educational at the same time.

In the box you get :-
A plastic brain shaped mold and stand
A heart model
2 heart tube
Green and red food colouring
A zip lock plastic bag
Plaster of paris
A stereoscope
A wooden stick
Piece of tube
A balloon
A funnel
An A3 disgusting digestion poster
finally a 32 page Top secret lab notebook (Instructions)

The notebook has all the information to carry out 8 different tasks (experiments) and the details are very clear on what to do so they are easy to follow my 3 need minimal assistance BUT be warned some of experiments are best done by a sink as they can be very messy but well worth it.

The experiments had my children glued to the set they range from Baffling brain experiments, eye popping eyeball to making a bottom burping machine, all of them are really good  fun.

The blood squirter experiment was a great way to show children and adults how the heart actually works the children found this so interesting and its great as hands on too.

We have really enjoyed the Blood, Bones and body bits set  and would highly recommend this for any young scientists who love to be hands are and experiment.

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  1. the title sounds horrible, but I know the kids would absolutley love it xx