Thursday, 13 October 2011

care concerns for the elderly in hospital

Today while I was watching the news, I was really shocked to see that Care for the elderly in hospital was alarming, This really isn't news and has been going on for sometime, and should have been addressed before now.
Elderly patients deserve dignity and proper care but seldom receive it, I know that cut backs and shortage of staff are a major concern but also there needs to be some form of organisation, I will use my lovely nan as an example
3 years ago at 88 my nan had hardly been ill she did have chronic kidney failure but she had a fall the doctors gave her 24 hours to live she was in a semi coma, then she was placed in a bed next to an alcoholic who was drunk and shouting and screaming, luckily my nan pulled through this.
and was placed on a different ward she fell while in hospital care yet again and was critically ill, she was also very confused which we pointed out on several occasions and also needed assisted feeding which was on her notes.
so lets see what happened one day, we arrived to be told she was being discharged, as she lives with her sister so wont be alone when asked were they got this information the reply was from her, the said sister had passed away 10 years before and my nan lived alone but still they refused to agree she was confused. so to me this is Not about being under staffed, on another occasion we walked in to find her with nearly a full dinner all over her and in bed were she had tried to feed herself  and on the table approx 13 tablets that someone had placed there for her to take throughout the day now wait for it a syringe with medication in was she supposed to do this herself to me this was pure neglect and its a shame this is happening more and more.

my nan sadly passed away during her hospital stay from C-diff which she contracted while she was in there care.

The place were this all happened received a good score on elderly care which makes me wonder what is happening in the other hospitals surely the elderly need some dignity and the best care possible,

What went wrong in these hospitals I really think matron should make a come back.

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