Monday, 24 October 2011

Fantastic Light Strike Guns, Toyologist review

We had never heard of Light Strike gun before we received these in our Toys R Us  Toyologist Box and how glad I am that we discovered them.
We received the  Assault Striker G.A.R - 023 with 3 different attachments, the Light Strike Scope, the Bipod machine gun, the Grenade launcher we also received  the Light Strike Striker D.C.P - 013 gun which is a smaller gun but still just as much fun.

The assault striker has many fantastic feature from a finger print scanner, a shield, health meter you can also change your weapon using the weapon selector button all the attachments fit this gun and its totally awesome.

Light Strike is Laser Tag at home and I don't actually know a child that wouldn't love this, the only thing I would suggest is get all your children's friends to get one too as the more people the better.
You can have up to 4 different teams playing and it really does NOT matter how many on each team.
The attachments fit on very easily and can be quickly taken off in no longer needed, but make sure that your gun takes the attachments as they don't fit every gun.

With each gun you get your Target which clips onto your clothing make sure this is secure as it does have a tendency to pop off or you can also purchase a Target vest to keep it secure.

The Striker D.C.P - 013 gun has many features also and is great for smaller hands Michael my 6 year old loves this one and Thomas definitely prefers the larger one although the attachments do NOT fit this gun it's still a great gun to join in the game.

We have had Lot's of fun with these guns especially when its just going dark as you get great light up effects, most of the children's friends have asked for one of these for Christmas, so I am sure once we have a few more players they will be even better.

These definitely get our VOTE as they are such a fantastic toy and also keep children very active.

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