Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hang on just need to go the MONEY Tree !!!

I really wish Money did grow on tree's with everything the children want and WOW how much it cost's in school, costumes for this, money for that I find it hard to keep up.

Thomas needs £260 for a holiday with school.

I also have to start paying another Holiday with school for Sophie very shortly which is another £190.
When families are struggling its really hard, but could you say NO !!!

Maybe a little more fund raising for the Trips would suit more Families, like myself with 3 children and families are getting larger can us parents keep going.

Uniforms alone cost a fortune we have to have the schools pullovers and also the boys and girls have a summer and winter uniform so we 3 to buy its expensive.

With Christmas just around the corner and people are on budgets what money saving Tips do you have would be good if you could comment and share them with us.

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