Monday, 10 October 2011

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Toyologist Review

Two different Hot Wheels sets arrived in our Toys R Us  Toyologist Box Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter set and Daredevil curve, when we read that it could not be used on wallpaper we were very limited so thought we would try the wallpaper anyway but it wouldn't stick.
We also needed a corner to add the DareDevil curve to our Starter track so things were a little tricky but we decided that the hall was thy best place a we have 2 doors to the downstairs toilet so one would be out of use for a while.

The templates were very easy to follow and assembly was pretty straight forward, I also checked to see if any paint came off my wall when it was removed and all was well not a mark in sight.

As you can see from our video its a great size and more than one child can join in, I love the fact you can add more track and can also buy more cars so when people are stuck for something to buy for you little ones.

We have used Hot wheels before but this takes it to a whole new level and it is so neat and tidy which is great for mum.

I can highly recommend this as long as you have some walls not papered and you really cannot put an age limit on this as Dad had as much fun as my 4 year old nephew with this set.

We will definitely be adding more Wall Tracks to our collection and I can see my bathroom door being out of use for a good while yet.


  1. Hi. We have the startee kit for hot wheels wall track. Can i just buy more wall tracks and add them to the startee kit?? thanx

  2. Hi yes you can add the other sets to your starter set they just clip on, really easily
    have fun :)