Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My first Reborn so proud of myself

before and after painting
I booked myself on the Simply Reborn live class, a few months ago as this is something I have wanted to so for a long time.

The course takes place in Peterborough, and I am a bit of a home bird so as the days past my nerves really took hold, then it hit me I was going 4 hours on a train on my own and I didn't know a soul who was there, my train was at 12.50pm and on the morning that I was going I woke very early and felt ill with nerves, I even thought about not going but I knew I would regret it if I didn't go.

So I got myself onto the train and off I went, I arrived at the hotel that evening and hardly slept at all, I was meeting everyone in the hotel foyer at 8.30am and was up and ready hours before.
I walked to the foyer and the first person I met was a lady called Irene who had been on the course the year before as people arrived I thought to myself this is going to be good.


I met some people that I hope will be life long friends, Ruth and Karen who were teaching us and sharing all the knowledge they were amazing, and I cannot thank them enough.

I had the most amazing time and will be returning yes returning next october along with some friends I have met.

I recieved a certificate and a cup which was a major acheivement not only for completing the course but for actually making it there.

I really cannot thank the ladies who run the course and the other ladies enough as they made this a very special memory for me, I am already painting my second reborn baby.

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