Friday, 28 October 2011

Roary The Racing car LIVE

Waiting for the train
 We really love going tho the Theatre so when we were given the chance to go and see Roary The Racing Car LIVE we jumped at it, we decided to get the train as all children love train journeys.

Southport Theatre is only a 10 minute walk from the station which was ideal for us, on arrival at the theatre we were greeted by very friendly staff and shown to were the show would be.

They had on sale little light up Roary wands which I thought were very expensive at £7 each especially when you have a few children with you also they had colouring books which were £3 each but the children did get one each, we also bought Popcorn and sweets, the Popcorn was vile not sure what was wrong with it but had a dreadful taste to it.

The children all got Peppa pig stickers would have thought roary would have been more appropriate but they were happy.

Once shown to our seats we really settled down and the show began, I did notice some people had to move because they were at the very front and could not see as the stage was high up but staff members quickly helped them to new seats, the theatre was less than half full and I did think to myself that it could be a lot fuller if the cost of going the theatre were less as the show would still be on and more money would be made, I know myself being a mum of 3 children once you spend X amount on ticket and then add up what you spend while there is works out very expensive. so it would work out better this way for both parties involved cheaper seats and fuller shows.

The show itself had a good variety with great characters, and the cars they were really good amazed at who good they were , I did wonder how they would do roary before we went but it was really good ,  Marsha was the only one as a person which was a little strange but it worked and the children didn't ask why.

The show was great and got all the children involved with lots of songs, Big Chris even threw big huge bouncy balls into the audience to bounce around while they were singing which was great the children really enjoyed it and quickly got into the swing of it all, they thought is was so funny when they got the water guns out and lots of people got WET, we were lucky it didn't reach us ha ha.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take picture during the show, which was a shame as would have liked to show what it was likeand how good the cars were.

We had a good variety of different aged children from 2 til 10 years and everyone enjoyed the show, I would recommend going to see this show as we had a really good day and everyone came home very happy.

I asked the children what they enjoyed about the day the balls and water guns were a favorite, I enjoyed the aspect of getting everyone involved instead of just watching.

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