Thursday, 6 October 2011

Star Wars ultimate Fx light saber Toyologist review

We are all massive Star Wars fans in our family so when we received the Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber Anakin Skywalker in our Toys R Us Toyologist box, I knew straight away this would be a massive hit.
The light saber is a great size and very realistic and the box it comes in is good as you can actually see the light saber before you buy it .

RRP £39.99

Michael quickly ran upstairs and came back as Darth Vader ready to put this to its ultimate Toyologist test, When you first turn it on the light shoots up the light saber and makes realistic sounds just as it does in the films, then when you swing it around you get a brilliant  swooshing sound and not forgetting when the light sabre makes contact with something you get even more sound effects its great, so like the ones in the movies.

I though it look a little fragile but the boys have proven me wrong as it has battled many times and still lives to see another day .
For the price which I think it is very reasonable as I have seen very similar ones that cost a lot more.

The handle is very truthful to the films and after many hours of use we still haven't had to change the batteries that were supplied with it.
Also when the lights are dimmed the colours were even more vibrant and realistic which the the boys loved.

This is a great toy and I think its good that you can get different coloured ones to have battles with, and this also a great addition for anyone who has a collection of Star Wars items my brother is a keen collector and has said he will be looking to get one of these as they are of high quality.

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