Tuesday, 29 November 2011


We where sent 2 different types of NERF VORTEX guns in our Toys R Us Toyologist box, we are massive fans of the NERF guns so a little worried if they could live up to the high standards of the bullet ones we had already played with.

The Nerf Vortex guns have little 1.5" disc's instead of the usual bullets, but are the same concept.

Our first Review is of the Nerf Vortex Proton gun, the RRP is £12.99 on this gun, on opening the box I was a bit disappointed that you only receive 3 disc's, you can buy these separately which I would strongly recommend as my 3 lost one in the first 10 minutes of playing.

Loading the proton gun is pretty easy, all you have to do is pull back a slot and place your disc in and you have a little button which closes the slot and your away.

You can only load one disc at a time with this gun so the children were not too impressed as they really wanted to battle and this took a bit of time after each shot.

The gun fires the disc a good way so it is very easy and does what it say, the quality of the gun is great as always with Nerf guns and the disc's did not jam at all .

The second gun we received was the Nerf Vortex Vigilon, the RRP for this gun is £17.99.

This is a larger gun and you get 5 discs, this also has the rapid reload so you can load 5 disc's at a time.

Loading was really easy with this gun also all you had to do was flick a switch and the door opened load your disc close and your ready, to fire you simply pull back and fire.

You also have a release switch with this gun, so if you pull back and do not want to fire you press this and the disc just falls out instead of fires which is great.

My children preferred the Vigilon gun because of the rapid reload but had great fun with both, They did say that they liked the Nerf bullet Guns more but I am sure it is just the fact that they have a lot of bullets.

Great fun for everyone playing except me when I become the TARGET !!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Jack and Jill Orchard Toys GIVEAWAY

This week I am looking for a guest reviewer for this great Jack and Jill Game by Orchard Toys,

Race up the hill and be the first to reach the well in this fun Jack & Jill counting and colour matching game. Roll the dice to climb the hill and be the first player to reach the well to win the game. But be careful, spin the spinner and you might fall down to the bottom and have to start all over again!

Suitable for 2 - 4 players

Develops colour matching and counting skills
Reinforces rhyming skills
Encourages social interaction

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bizu Style Studio Review

When we received Bizu style studio my first impression was that it looked very complicated making bracelets that turn into animals from beads.

We soon discovered with the help of Bizu Style Studio it was actually really simple.

The box your studio comes in is really funky with lots of bright coloured pictures on showing many of the fantastic creations you can design.

You are supplied with 40 different beads, 4 clasp/elastics, the attachment tool and your studio.
Setting your studio up really only takes minutes as it only requires you to place your beads in the correct order and it doesn't require batteries so that's a big plus for us.

So once your all set up it's really simple all you have to do is spin the different levels with beads in you have 4 levels and put your selected ones by the green background, once your happy with your selection twist the top and the bead all come out down the shoot.

Now all that is left is to make your bracelet, your clasp/elastic has a small hole so it sits nicely on the attachment tool then your beads slide on very easily in the correct order, you do get little cards to show you the correct order in case you do get stuck.

 That's it your done and with a couple of clever twists your bracelet becomes an animal.

Our experience with Bizu has been a very positive one and we would definitely recommend this to others.

We were really impressed with the quality and ease of use of Bizu and with 50+ to collect I am sure we will be adding to our collection.

The Bizu Style Studio RRP IS £19.99 and the additional bead set start from as little as £5.99.

Scraperfoil Gift set Toyologist Review

We were sent the Scraperfoil gift set to review from Toys R Us in our Toyologist box.

There is no recommended age on the box just unsuitable for under 36 months due to sharp parts on your scraper.

I was very happy at first that this set had 3 pictures included, with being a mum of 3 there would be no arguing over who was having a turn, they could have a picture each and mum would get a little bit of peace, you also get 2 scrapers included.

The pictures have lighter parts which you need to scrape away to reveal your foil effect,  they are very detailed unfortunately Michael 6 quickly gave up and really didn't want to do his picture saying it was too hard.

Sophie 8 is a bit of a perfectionist and found it really difficult, she soon asked me to do here picture as she said it was so hard, I found it quite therapeutic and enjoyed it.

Thomas 10 seemed to enjoy it at first but soon tired of it, I do think maybe a little less detail to the pictures or maybe 3 different levels of pictures would maybe have kept them interested longer.

This is definitely for older children with lots of patience unfortunately we didn't have any.

Smart game Anti Virus Toyologist Review

Anti Virus is another Smart game and is the second one we have received in our Toys R Us Toyologist box.

In the box you receive your game board, 11 game pieces, your challenge book and a small bag to keep everything in which is great for use when travelling.

You have 60 different challenges at 5 different levels, starter, junior, expert, master and wizard, the aim of the game is to move you red virus piece to the exit on your game board.

Anti Virus is so much fun but I do have to WARN you they are highly addictive.

The recommended age for Anti Virus is 7 - 99 years, Michael my 6 year old managed the starter challenges absolutely fine though.

This is a great fun, IQ building puzzle which develops :-
Logical reasoning
Higher cognitive thinking
Visual and spatial perception.

Since having this puzzle we never go on long car journeys without it as it keeps the children so entertained, the only problem is I am always itching to have a go.

They are very reasonably priced at £14.99 and available from Toys R us HERE.

Make sure you give this a try, I promise you will not be disappointed

Barbie puppy water park Review

We were sent Barbie Puppy water park in our Toys R Us Toyologist Box to review.
Myself and Sophie are huge Barbie fans, so we couldn't wait to try this out.

The box it comes in is a good size and also has a translucent part so you can see your new Barbie doll.

Inside the box you have several pieces to put together to make your Barbie puppy water park, 2 puppies and your Barbie doll.

The Water park is very easy to set up and only takes a few minutes, it all clips together and once complete is a really great size 33cm high, 25cm wide.

I did worry that once the water was added we would have water everywhere as the slide only clips together and I really doubted the joins so I put a towel down just in case , but it was fine so I was even more impressed.

Included with the puppies you have a little sleigh like basket which helps them to go down the slide with ease, you add the water to a small container at the top of the water park then press the flag and the water releases not difficult at all.

Barbie has hold of a seahorse which is part of her great water spraying feature, once her feet are placed into water you simply press a button which is on her back and the water shoots out of the seahorses mouth and this really works well.

We really like the barbie puppy water park and it was actually better than we had expected,

Before Sophie had finished she asked could Gary have a go ? ? if your wondering who Gary is he is our giant African land snail, who loves nothing better than a nice bath so I agreed that he could and he really did have lots of fun at the water park.

This is a great Barbie set, and it all fits back in the Box once you've finished which I really like as all the pieces stay in one place ready for next time, and I can see it being out quite a lot with Sophie and her friends.

Barbie puppy water park is excellent value for money at £14.99 you can buy HERE

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Moon Sand Guest Toyologist Review

Loved By Lexi was the Winner of our Toys R Us Toyologist Giveaway and was sent Moon Sand to do a guest review for us and here it is.
They sent us the Moon Sand Candy Factory to see what we thought and here's our Guest Review for Mummiefun and Toys 'R' Us...

Moon Sand Candy Factory

When we received the parcel, Lexi was so excited because it was so brightly coloured and appealing that she wanted it opened instantly.

My first impression was one of slight disappointment as I felt the packaging falsely advertised the contents of the box. It shows the candy factory with lots of candy sweets made with green, pink and purple sand which look really cool. My disappointment stemmed from the fact that when we opened the box and pealed back the paper, there were only two colours included in the box (it does state this in the contents list but just shows different colours on the front). There being only two colours meant that the elaborateness of the designs we could make were severely restricted in comparison to the ones shown on the front of the box.

Lexi being just 2 didn't care how many colours were included and was insistent that we got the sand out and started creating immediately so we did...

The instructions were really easy to follow. We simply had to click the lever press together and place it in the ready made tray (bottom of the box), tip the sand out and we were away! The kit contains a candy press machine, different shaped moulds, a measuring cup, two colours of magic Moon Sand which feels slightly damp to the touch and never dries out however it doesn't stick to everything like normal wet sand does. It is really hard to describe but it feels really strange and new and sticks to itself without sticking to your hands/fingers and everything else. A genius idea!

"Moon Sand is a modelling compound with all the fun of the beach but without the mess! Squish it, shape it or mould it! Moulds like dough but it never dries out, you can reuse again and again, indoors or out. Moon Sand won't stick or stain"

The bottom of the storage box is designed to store the sand in but I thought it would be easier for Lexi to use if I put it in some Tupperware pots which I did.

The first step is to press the sand into the measuring cup to ensure you have the correct amount of sand;

Moon Sand Candy Factory says that it is suitable from 3 years and as Lexi is only 2 years old Mummy had to play with it with her and supervise as she needed some encouragement to understand what to do with it and how to play with it other than just digging in the sand!

Once I had taught Lexi how to measure out the sand and tip it into the moulds she was well away. Measure out sand, tip into different shaped moulds, pop into lever press machine and pull down the lever then Hey Presto! cool looking Candy!

Being so young Lexi's candy was just one colour and didn't look quite like the candy on the box front so Mummy had a go to see how easy or difficult it was to make the candy look funky...

Lexi helped Mummy measure out the sand whilst Mummy painstakingly pressed tiny amounts of the opposite colour sand into the mould trying to make sure it was only in the hollowed out shape rather than anywhere else in the mould, we then tipped it in the sand Lexi had measured out, popped it into the press and Lexi pulled the lever. With bated-breath we lifted up the mould to reveal...

Mummy had managed it. It took a lot of concentration and effort but Mummy had made candy look like it did on the box!! You can re-use Moon Sand simply by crumbling it apart again but Mummy was so proud of herself that she wanted to keep these candies as a memento of the fun Lexi and I had had making them and the effort that had gone into them so we simply popped them onto a baking tray covered in tin foil and put them in the oven (times are stated in the instructions dependent on oven type). When they came out they had gone completely hard but still looked just as vibrant and funky! I am still a little disappointed that the kit only came with two colours as just one more would, I feel, have made all the difference to the versatility of the fun we could've had!

You can purchase the Moon Sand Candy Factory direct from Toys ‘R’ Us website for £14.99. I think that this is a little expensive for a toy if you are going to use it with a child as young as Lexi as the amount of fun and time she spent playing with it was limited. However, I think that an older child who could play with it alone would have a lot of fun and get hours of enjoyment creating their own candies and displaying them in the storage box - especially if they purchased one or two extra colours of Moon Sand (available to buy separately for £6.99 for two colours).

All in all, Lexi and Mummy did spend a good couple of hours having lots of fun with the Moon Sand Candy Factory and although Mummy was a little disappointed; Lexi didn't mind how many colours there were or how hard it was to make the candy look amazing because she merely enjoyed playing with the sand and having fun. This means that from Lexi's point of view, the Moon Sand Candy Factory is definitely awarded the prestige of being Loved By Lexi.

Thank you for a fantastic review :)

Disney Princess Snow Globe maker Review

I was so happy when Disney Princess Snow Globe Maker arrived in our Toys R Us Toyologist Box, as this was something me and Sophie could do together.

Myself and Sophie sat down for some girly time together to start our review.

In the box you get more than enough bits to make 3 Snow Globes with scenery.

The instructions are very easily followed, Sophie who's 8 needed minimal help even with a broken arm, you get lots of scenery to choose from with 3 different Princess Themes, Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel and 3 main figures in fact you get everything you need to make your Snow Globe except the water.

We were both very impressed with the size and quality of the Snow Globes, so much so Sophie has decided she is going to give these as Christmas presents to her Nana and auntie.

I would Highly recommend this set as it is so Perfect and great for some quality time without any mess, its for Ages 6+ but could be used younger with a bit of additional help and you can always start again and change the scenery in the globe.

Massive Thumbs UP from us with this one and its under £20 to buy click Here.

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HEX BUG Nano habitat set Toyologist review

Hexbug's are really funny little creatures, little robot bugs.
I had seen  advertised on TV and always thought they looked really good, so I was very excited when they arrived in our Toys R Us Toyologist box.

In the Hexbug Habitat Set  you get 2 extremely rare mutations (Hexbugs) in little test tubes and a set that you can arrange in numerous ways.

The set simply slots together which is very easy to do my youngest who's 6 had no problems connecting it, you have little openings that you can have open or closed to stop you Hexbug escaping, then all you have to do is simply switch your Hexbug on and they jitter around.

I didn't think much of these if I am honest, I thought they would do a lot more than they do but the children really enjoyed them and found lots of games to play including Hexbug Battles, first bug on its back loses.

The children really liked Hexbugs and although I am still not sure , the children are what matters.
I have to give this points for the easy of set up and playing it really only takes minutes to set up and your off playing maybe our new Hexbug pets will grow on me as they are keeping the children very entertained