Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Barbie puppy water park Review

We were sent Barbie Puppy water park in our Toys R Us Toyologist Box to review.
Myself and Sophie are huge Barbie fans, so we couldn't wait to try this out.

The box it comes in is a good size and also has a translucent part so you can see your new Barbie doll.

Inside the box you have several pieces to put together to make your Barbie puppy water park, 2 puppies and your Barbie doll.

The Water park is very easy to set up and only takes a few minutes, it all clips together and once complete is a really great size 33cm high, 25cm wide.

I did worry that once the water was added we would have water everywhere as the slide only clips together and I really doubted the joins so I put a towel down just in case , but it was fine so I was even more impressed.

Included with the puppies you have a little sleigh like basket which helps them to go down the slide with ease, you add the water to a small container at the top of the water park then press the flag and the water releases not difficult at all.

Barbie has hold of a seahorse which is part of her great water spraying feature, once her feet are placed into water you simply press a button which is on her back and the water shoots out of the seahorses mouth and this really works well.

We really like the barbie puppy water park and it was actually better than we had expected,

Before Sophie had finished she asked could Gary have a go ? ? if your wondering who Gary is he is our giant African land snail, who loves nothing better than a nice bath so I agreed that he could and he really did have lots of fun at the water park.

This is a great Barbie set, and it all fits back in the Box once you've finished which I really like as all the pieces stay in one place ready for next time, and I can see it being out quite a lot with Sophie and her friends.

Barbie puppy water park is excellent value for money at £14.99 you can buy HERE

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